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Hospital Bag Essentials

Well, I had my OBGYN appointment yesterday and I’m 1cm dilated and 50% effaced which really means a whole lot of nothing. He told me though that the baby is head down and facing down (the best position for delivery) and that when it happens, it’s going to be quick. But, what does he know? Every pregnancy is different and every baby is different. We’re really all just making wild guesses here, but nevertheless, I figured it was time to have my hospital bag ready.

Now you’d think by the fifth go around I’d have this thing down pat, but it’s pretty much guaranteed that something will go sideways and all of my careful planning will be rendered useless but, hey–I have to give it a shot. Here’s what you will find in my hospital bag, already packed and ready to rock and roll:

  1. A phone charger, a spare set of cheap earbuds, and an extension cord because the outlet is always way too far away from the bed.

2. Super loose pajama shorts, tank top and a thin robe.

3. This is the first time I’ve ever purchased disposable underwear but I keep seeing it on everyone else’s hospital bag checklists so I’m going to give them a try this time, because the crime scene that follows a birth demands something a little beefier than a pad.

4. Before I bought the disposable undies, I purchased some big cheap gonch and giant pads, which I’m sure I’ll use once things settle down a bit.

5. My cosmetic bag:

6. Clothes to wear while still at the hospital but after having my epic shower: Nursing bra, loose tank top, loose shorts, loose soft comfy hoodie.

7. A comfy pair of jean overalls (over a tank top) to go home in (I also packed a pair of comfy loose track pants in case it’s not hot that day).

8. Okay, so this involves a bit of an explanation. After pushing a baby out, the vag gets a bit trashed and so it hurts to take a wee for a few days following the birth. It stings. Plus it’s important to keep the area as clean as possible for optimal healing! The hospital provides a squeeze bottle but as you can imagine, it can get a bit tricky to squeeze the water up, so I ordered this fancy contraption that will help me not fall over in the bathroom while bathing my girl parts with soothing water. I haven’t tried it but the reviews are amazing and it looks brilliant.

9. Other things: plastic bag for dirty clothes, a nursing sports bra for labouring in (last time I didn’t wear a bra and my National Geographic nipples made cameos in all of the photos), soft socks, comfy shoes.

10. All of my things can be found packed neatly in this little suitcase with a handle and wheels:

If I think of it, I’ll throw in one of my pillows at the last second, not because I care so much about the feel of hospital pillows but because I like my own smells.

I hope I’m not missing anything!



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  • Megan @ Meg Go Run August 9, 2017, 5:12 pm

    Looks like you have everything to Me! What is the reasoning behind the overalls? Overalls always seem like a pain to me.

    • suzy.suzyheather@gmail.com August 9, 2017, 6:28 pm

      Baggy, roomy in the middle.

  • Una August 9, 2017, 7:36 pm

    I had a similar bag, but I used none of it. I rinsed after my labour but didn’t really shower because I was released less than 24 hours after I was admitted! (This means that I’m some kind of baby producing goddess according to my mother-in-law and I should have lots more grandbabies for her.)

    Disposable hospital underpants are the best. Way more comfy than Depends. I wish you had told me, I would have mailed my Depends to you! I have a giant bag of them.

    Also, puppy pee pads from the dollar store for water breaking and the epic bleeding after birth.

    I love everything from FridaBaby. Those kooky Scandanavians think of everything.

  • Vern August 9, 2017, 9:19 pm

    Wonderful pictures! I hope your hospital has a network. Langley does, but Surrey doesn’t. Can you believe it? You’re wonderfully anal Suze, just like someone I see in my mirror. Have a blast! It’s all about YOU and newbie!

  • Susie @ Suzlyfe August 10, 2017, 5:02 am

    You forgot ME to keep you company! You better be texting me the whole time. Because you know I am the most important person in your life (until the J comes, and then I will allow it)

  • Amy Lauren August 10, 2017, 7:38 am

    You look super prepared! That’s definitely a good thing. I’m not pregnant and don’t plan to have kids anytime soon but will keep these things in mind. I agree with the extension cord/surge protector for ANYONE in a hospital because the outlets are never close enough to the bed and there never seems to be enough of them! Plus if you have others in the room with you for an extended period of time, they will need to charge stuff too.

  • Laura @ This Runner's Recipes August 10, 2017, 9:14 am

    You look so prepared! The overalls are stroke of genius because I can imagine not wanting anything around the waist. I hope the next few weeks continue to go well – that’s great news from your appointment!

  • Gretchen August 10, 2017, 9:54 am

    Love the picture on the box of “momwasher”. Excellent name too. Can’t wait to see the little baby :):):) also- im a little ashamed to admit that your post- birth PJ’s are still sexier than my every day pair.

  • Ana August 11, 2017, 10:38 am

    I am looking at your clothes and thinking “Isn’t she going to be cold?”… then I remember it’s August! When I gave birth to my son, it was January during a winter storm. I needed a big coat!

    I love everything you packed! YOu are ready!

  • Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets August 13, 2017, 4:11 pm

    I packed snacks, my pillow and a pair of slippers. Other than that, you’ve got it all covered. 🙂

  • San August 14, 2017, 3:00 pm

    I wouldn’t know anything about hospital essentials but you seem to be very well prepared! It’s not your first time, after all.

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