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Mileage Monday

Well, this week was sick week. I caught the cough that’s going around and wow, was that ever a catch that I wish I had not landed. DANG, it’s a rough one. I hung in there for the most part and then I actually dislodged a rib while coughing my brains out and ended up just pretty much tossing the training for this week right out the window. I’m REALLY glad I got that tempo long run done last weekend! Another reason to just go for it while I have the chance because the availability to run isn’t exactly raining men over here.

I knocked out 70 sick miles. Wah. My cough has finally turned a corner for the better, thank goodness, but my rib still hurts like a sonofoabitch.

Monday– 11 treadmill miles. Oof.

Tuesday– A really decent 10 mile run pushing Jesse in the stroller while Callum was at preschool! The temperatures climbed a bit and the rain held off. It was nice!

Wednesday– Blah. Super busy day today and I had to fit in a 4 mile run and a 3 mile run split into two different times.

Thursday– 7 mile treadmill run, trying to conserve energy being sapped by this cough.

Friday– Treadmill miles during nap time, taking it easy with my hacking cough and an upcoming 23 miler on Sunday.

Saturday– I was supposed to do a 23 mile run today but I quit at 10 miles on the treadmill. My cough is SO BAD. I coughed so hard that I think I dislodged a rib, and I can’t get into physio (or any doctor) until Monday. And I can’t take cough syrup because I breastfeed. FML.

Sunday– Well, this was the long run that wasn’t. So today I got on my horse and decided to just take it a mile at a time, and I felt okay to do 18. 18 isn’t 23, but it’s close to 20, and that’s good enough for me.

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  • Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets January 15, 2018, 10:36 am

    I would have stayed in bed with the covers over my head. You are a superhero. I know why you do it and you’re still a superhero.

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