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Week in Review

Heyah! Make sure you don’t spill your slushy drinks on your phones/iPads while you’re reading this post, eh? I hope this finds you all relaxing in the sunshine somewhere, having a nice break from the regular grind of life. Thank you to my good friend Meghan from Clean Eats Fast Feets for hosting another Week in Review!

I’m trying to remember what we did all week because it was really busy! I wrote a bit about what we were up to in this post, but then we ended up doing a few more fun things last week too. Katie’s award ceremony was on the Tuesday, and then on the Wednesday I spent the day cleaning the house, scrubbing the walls, baseboards, cupboards and counter tops. It felt good to have them clean but my knees hurt SO MUCH later that day! I had my OBGYN appointment in the afternoon and she said that I’m measuring a couple of centimetres behind what I should measure for 30 weeks. At 30 weeks, the measurement between the bellybutton and the top of the uterus should be 30cm but I was 28cm. It’s how I measured in all of my pregnancies (except Freddy’s… but he was my biggest baby). She’s not worried, but she’s going to keep an eye on the growth to make sure all is good. She’s not concerned at all about the running and said I can keep it up.

On Thursday, I took Freddy and Callum, Jake and his girlfriend to Cultus Lake. It was Katie’s last day of school that day so she wasn’t able to come with us.

The boys are in the water behind Callum:

Then on Friday, I celebrated Katie’s first day of summer by taking her (and Callum of course) to Fort Langley for hot chocolate and cinnamon buns, and then to my parents’ house to go in their pool.

My kids went to Jason’s on Saturday and Andrew, Callum and I just laid low for the rest of the day. It was Canada Day, and we ended up driving across the line to El Nopal for Mexican food! The border line-ups were surprisingly short! We went to bed at 8:40 that night. Ha ha! Callum has been waking up SO EARLY lately and I’ve been so exhausted.

Sunday was a really fun day! I went for a run in the morning and then we grabbed some coffees and headed to the park but Callum was really super grumpy and didn’t want to play. So we put him back in the van and he fell asleep for an hour! We drove to Cultus Lake but the traffic was insane trying to get into the park area so we turned around and ended up at a little place we always go to on the dyke. Callum had his bucket, shovel and dump trucks so he played in the rocks while Andrew and I chilled on some beach chairs. I don’t have pictures, sorry!

I had a date with Rylee, the host of the Man Bun Run podcast at 5:30 Sunday night for a podcast “interview.” Andrew took Callum to his parents’ house so that I could have an uninterrupted conversation with Rylee, and it was so fun!!!! Our episode airs next Monday, July 10th. After that, Andrew picked me up and we went on a date out for dinner. It was SO NICE to be able to eat together and actually finish our sentences.

We had a really great week! School is officially out for everyone, and only a handful of weeks left before another little human joins the ranks!

Do you listen to podcasts? Why or why not? Which ones are your favourites?

I can’t listen to podcasts if I’m just sitting there–I need to be doing something else at the same time like driving or running.

Have you ever hurt yourself while cleaning? I was so nervous that I had screwed up my knees that day! Am I just getting old?


Mileage Monday

I’m so happy to be able to keep running at nearly 31 weeks pregnant! This is amazing! It feels SO GOOD. It’s getting harder and harder to move around normally. Bending over, getting out of bed or up off the couch, you know, basic things I used to take for granted are becoming a huge chore. My feet are starting to swell a bit and I feel heavy and lethargic so it’s difficult to imagine that running would make me feel better but it does! Every single time I force myself to get on the treadmill or outside, I feel a zillion times better. Digestion and circulation improve, my body feels lighter, and my mood lifts a bit.

My hip pain has disappeared and so I started back up with my hip and glute exercises this week. As for running, I hit 65 miles total, with a few miles at a speedier pace on Saturday which felt so invigorating. It’s definitely noticeable now that I can’t hit the fast paces but it still felt fantastic to run hard (ish) again. I’m still very cautious, of course. Balance is a tricky thing!

Monday– Well, I only meant to run 7 miles today (I headed out in the early morning for a cool-ish and very slow 7) but then I had to force-nap Callum in order to get him into bed later so that he’d sleep in later (his bedtime has been getting pushed forward too much) so I pushed him for 5 miles in the stroller. I stayed in the shade the best that I could and he fell asleep in the first 10 minutes. He needed it, and I felt okay, actually!

Tuesday– I was able to run 8 miles while my mom played with Callum (she came over after Katie’s grade 6 awards ceremony) and then I FINALLY got to run with Lora in the afternoon! She’s dealing with a sore hamstring so she was okay to run 9+ minute miles with me! We covered 5 miles on a grassy trail in the afternoon sun and caught up on life.

Wednesday– Just a simple 8 miler on the treadmill at 9 min/mile pace.

Thursday– I ran 8 treadmill miles early this morning at a 9 min/mile pace and then 3 more this afternoon with Andrew and Callum outside in the heat!

Friday– Gah. Callum still isn’t sleeping well and it’s killing me. I set my alarm clock for 6 to run before Andrew had to leave for work but Callum was up at 5, so no need for an alarm. I hung out and let Andrew sleep until 7 and then I ran 5 miles before he left and then 2 more on the treadmill.

Saturday– I can’t believe how great of a run I had today! I warmed up on the treadmill for 5 miles because that’s how long it took me to completely empty my bladder of even a single drop, and then I headed out for 4 tempo miles at 7:34 min/mile pace! It felt amazing! No more SI hip pain at all. YAY!

Sunday– Just an easy 5 miles at around a 10 min/mile pace!

What are you guys up to this long weekend? Canada Day was yesterday and I know my American friends have their holiday on the 4th. We actually crossed the border last night for Mexican food at El Nopal! Is it wrong to leave Canada on Canada Day?


I Am the Milky Way

I know I have way more pictures of Callum than I do of any of my other kids but I promise it’s not because he’s my favourite (in fact, he’s on the lower end of the ladder at the moment). And yes, parents do have favourites and if they ever tell you that they don’t, they’re lying. The thing though, is that favourites shift around. It’s never one favourite forever–oh no no no. Everyone knew I was the favourite for a long time and then when I hit the teenage years, I became one huge disappointment. My sisters would have church parties at the house when they were in high school while I was sneaking out my bedroom window to get felt up and alcohol poisoning. Then I got my shit together, married Jason, had kids, and went back to being the star. And well, I’ll have to save the rest of that story for my book, or a courtroom. Whichever comes first.

So, for anyone that’s new here, Callum is 3 years old and he’s hilarious. He just learned about private parts! Boys have penises and girls have vaginas. Except he was saying “peenjina” for a while until I got him to say “pajina.” My Instagram story from this afternoon is so funny! My friend Una sent Callum a conductor’s hat, a paint-your-own-train set, and some treats for me! She’s the best. Callum began painting his train set this afternoon and I love the look of concentration on his face. And notice his toy train peeking at him out the side. He’s never without a train!

Katie just finished her first year of middle school and she got the citizenship award! She totally deserved it. Katie is kind, thoughtful and empathetic. Her heart is pure gold. I am so proud of her. She’s my favourite right now. 😉

Does that bird on the wall in the background freak anyone else out? So weird.

Freddy just finished his first year of high school which is right next to the middle school that Katie goes to, where he went last year. I have no idea what Jason bribed him with to get him out of bed so early, but he came to Katie’s award thing yesterday too (and stuck his face right in front of my phone while I was trying to take a picture). He’s not my favourite for that.

Jake and his girlfriend came too, but the photos I have of them have Jason and his parents in the background and he’d take away my rights to the leftover Purdy’s chocolate Easter bunnies if I posted it. Jason is my ex-husband, and we get along fine. His parents are super nice and they came to support Katie too. It was cool that we could all be together for her!

My mom usually goes to bed at like 2am and gets up at 10 or 11, so for her to set an alarm for 7am is pretty much the equivalent to Jesus. She’s so cute. She brought flowers for Katie and everything!

I also have two step kids who I love so much. But for reasons that I won’t get into on here, my hands are tied as far as photos and such go.

Most of my kids are in school, or busy with work and friends, so that’s why Callum seems like the star of the show (and the new baby too!) but it’s not the case. I have a lot of stars. Sometimes it feels like a universe, especially when everyone needs money and rides. 😉 But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Okay, so who was the favourite in your house? Did it shift around? Why or why not?



Pregnant and Running: 30 Week Update

I’m trying to think of what to complain about but rather than listing off my pregnancy ailments, I’d have to attribute the majority of my woes to the fact that I’ve got a 3 year old that doesn’t sleep. Sure, each time I bend over or get under the covers, whatever I ate 6 hours prior starts to burble back up. And yeah, my hips have been causing me a bit of grief lately as the weight gain starts to take a toll on this old girl. But seriously? CALLUM IS DRIVING ME CRAZY. The kid goes to bed fine, you know, right to sleep at 7pm. But then? he wakes up a ZILLION TIMES ALL NIGHT LONG. Oh, and if that’s not the worst of it? He gets up for the day in the fives. IN THE FIVES. I feel like I’m dying.

We have to come up with a new plan because there is no physical way I’ll be able to take care of Callum AND a newborn all night long. It’s just not going to happen. Right now Callum sleeps in Katie’s room on a mattress on the floor, which he loves, but Katie isn’t going to love it for very long. The only other place Callum will sleep would be in our room with us, but we’re going to have a baby in there soon. Andrew can’t breastfeed the baby, and Katie most certainly does not want him barging into her room a zillion times a night to console Callum.

This isn’t exactly the cute, romantic “bumpdate” you guys are looking for, is it? Ah, well. I don’t play pretend. Life is a little more “realy” around these parts and so I just tell it like it is. Don’t get me wrong, though! I’m so excited to meet this little baby!!! He’s getting SO BIG! I can feel his feet, his hands, his elbows, his little bum–he’s amazing! Callum kisses (and high-fives) his little brother all the time through my belly and he loves it when he can feel his big kicks and see my belly move. The newborn stage doesn’t last long, and Callum and his brother will both be sleeping through the night in God-knows-what-room, before too long at all. In fact, I already started converting the walk-in closet to a nursery. I need to do a few touches to it first before I show you guys.

Okay so here are the stats! I was able to run 68 miles last week despite having a bit of a janky hip. Here is the link to the Mileage Monday of my 30th week of pregnancy. I didn’t gain any weight this week and truthfully even lost half a pound. I do know that weight gain slows down a bit in the third trimester but I’m looking forward to my doctor appointment tomorrow just for reassurance.

Another thing I’ve been meaning to mention to you guys is my increased heart rate. My resting heart rate before pregnancy was around 40 beats per minute and now it’s around 60 bpm! Blood volume increases by a huge amount when we’re pregnant, so our hearts have to work extra hard to pump that stuff around. I’m kinda wondering if having the baby will mimic blood doping; I’ll have all of this extra oxygen carrying capacity flowing through my veins! Mind you, I’ll be expelling the contents of my uterus through a ragged vajayjay for a few weeks and I have a hunch that might put a damper on the whole blood-doping experience.

What is your resting heart rate? How low has it been? 


Week in Review

Well, last week was the official start of summer around here, with sunny skies and high school kids off school (the rest are done this week). Let’s give a round of applause to my good friend Meghan from Clean Eats Fast Feets, who is not only the best cook I’ve ever known (and I haven’t tasted a single thing she’s made–she’s that good) but she’s also funny, clever, compassionate and the host of this week’s Week in Review.

Andrew, Callum and I kicked off the week on Monday with a breakfast out and a trip into Fort Langley to check out the trains. He’s still a bit sensitive to how loud they are so we have to hold him when a train goes by.

We walked down to the park and played hide and go seek.

We spent the majority of the week outdoors. As you can see, I’ve replaced my Corona with Nuun. Not for too much longer…

But I had to reserve one day where we stayed in and got a bunch of stuff done. I got up at 5:45 to run, paid the bills, went to the bank, brought Jake around to apply for jobs, cleaned bathrooms, baked cookies, muffins, cooked 2 shepherd’s pies to put in the freezer, and then made a chicken dinner with mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, the works, for which Jake stayed to eat, which was so great. But man I was tired that day.

Callum made sure to catch up on his sleep in the middle of the kitchen floor.

I wish I could do that. Actually, I’m so tired that I probably could.

The weekend was pretty low-key. It was a cooker (35 C on Sunday) and I even ran right in the middle of the day! I tried to run with my Ray Bans but they slid off my nose and I ended up carrying them. It’s been pretty tough to sleep when the nights are so hot. It’s cooler today so I’m hoping to force-nap Callum in the stroller so that he stays up a bit later tonight and then (crossing fingers) sleeps past 5:30am tomorrow morning. It’s very difficult to be up with a noisy 3 year-old while the rest of the house sleeps until 9. Plus, I’ll be needing to run in the mornings now that it’s so hot and I am not willing to get up at 4am to get home before Callum wakes up at 5:30! NO THANK YOU.

Does it feel like summer where you live?

Where is the weirdest place you’ve ever fallen asleep?



Mileage Monday

I went into this week thinking that I’d significantly drop down in mileage just because I’m feeling heavier and my hip has been bugging me, but I ended up running 68 miles for the week anyway. I don’t even really know how it happens. But alas, I have no doubt that my body and baby will force me to drop the miles and when it does, I’ll comply but until then, I’m going to see how much I can do without breaking! Here’s how it all went down:

Monday– Well, first I ran 5 miles in the early morning, outside, super slow, while listening to a podcast. And then Andrew and I dropped Callum off at his parents’ house for half an hour while we ran 3 miles together and I think he was surprised at how slow I was going! I had a stitch in my side–I’m not sure if it’s ligaments stretching or what, but it hurt! It sorted itself out after a mile or two, but then we were pretty much done. I also did my strength work today too, which felt good, although holy hell, I felt really pregnant today. Like, REALLY.

Tuesday– I ran a slow, VERY slow 8 miles early, VERY early this morning and then a speedier 5 miles on the treadmill in the afternoon before the kids came home from school!

Wednesday– So, another double which means another early morning suuuuper slow run (6 miles on the treadmill this time, because my SI joint is fuckered) and then after physio (where my guy mobilized my SI joint for me) I ran a speedier 4 miles in the afternoon.

Thursday– An easy and cool 6 miles this morning pushing Callum in the stroller and then a slow 4 miler with Andrew this evening after Callum went to bed. I had my SI joint mobilized yesterday at physio but it feels like it might be out again. My hips are a bit sore. Maybe this is the beginning of the end!

Friday– I ran an 8 miler on the treadmill this morning at 9:13 min/mile pace while listening to a podcast. My hip is still a little sore, but it’s okay. Then I ran 3 miles with Andrew at night, and I’m really surprised by how good I felt last night and tonight! It’s weird!

Saturday– I did 3 slow miles on the treadmill and then 3 slow miles outside!

Sunday– Callum and I woke up at 5:45, I tried for about an hour to get him to go back to sleep but to no avail, so I handed him to Andrew at around 6:15 and went for a 7 mile run outside at a 10 min/mile pace. When I got home, Andrew was heading out the door and took Callum with him so I drank some water, ate Callum’s pancake and ran a fast 3 miles at a 7:45 min/mile pace. It felt good to pick it up a little.

I only did 2 days of strength work and only arms because my hips have been sore. My left SI joint is a bit inflamed but I only really feel it right after I come back from a run. Sometimes I will sit on an ice pack and that really helps. After about an hour, everything feels ship shape again.

Do you guys ever run or exercise in public wearing just a sports bra (and shorts, or whatever, obviously)?

I can count on one hand how many times I’ve gone for a run in public in a sports bra, but I did it on Sunday for the second, faster run. I was super insecure at first but then I got comfortable after about 10 minutes. It’s weird because I don’t have body issues and don’t normally feel self conscious! I’m not entirely sure what my issue is.

Do you notice that a bit of weight gain/loss affects your running much? How?



Postpartum Plans To Sub-3

My goal is to run a sub-3 hour marathon at the Phoenix marathon in Arizona at the end of February. I’m planning on following an 18 week-long plan from Advanced Marathoning. The book has a few plans to choose from, and while I would normally pick one for someone running 70-85 miles per week, this time I’m either going to go with the up to 55 miles per week plan, or the 55-70 miles per week plan, just because I won’t have as much time to run with a newborn!

The week of October 23rd will be my first week of official training from the book, but I’m obviously going to have to work up to the workouts demanded of me for that week. For instance, the next week the plan has me running 16 miles (no problem!) with 8 of them at GMP (goal marathon pace: 6:50 min/miles) HOLY SCHNIKES!!! If you guys don’t know, I’m aiming to run ONE mile at that pace per week during this pregnancy and it’s getting tougher and tougher, especially in the third trimester.

While Andrew and I drove into Vancouver on Monday, I geeked out with my dayplanner and jotted down the dates where I’d need to start building my speed back up. So far I’ve scheduled myself to run 1 mile at GMP during the week of September 4th–the week that the baby is due. HA! Except I usually have my babies early, so hopefully I’ll be a couple of weeks postpartum by then! If you’re curious about my postpartum running after I had Callum, you can find the post here.

Now, here are all my disclaimers:

  1. I’ve been running long distance for 20 years, so this type of running is not normal and not right for everyone! I write this all out for you guys as inspiration for your own running journeys, and I want to help in any way that I can, so please feel free to ask me questions. Email me, leave comments, hunt me down on Instagram!
  2. This is my fifth baby and so I am familiar with pregnancy and childbirth and the demands they take on my body.
  3. I also know that pregnancy and childbirth, just like any aspect of life, can take a significant turn with no warning, no preparation, and no mercy. I am taking in each day and each mile with gratitude, but I am also looking forward to the future with positive expectation!

When will I find the time to run once the baby is here? GOOD QUESTION.

I have no idea. Ha ha! I pretty much just take each day as it comes and fit in my mileage when I can, after my priorities (my family, our home) have been addressed. I have a Chariot stroller from when I had Jake 17 years ago! But it doesn’t fit an infant, so we purchased a BOB stroller off of Craigslist and our infant car seat easily snaps into place so I can push the baby in that while Callum is in preschool, or once Callum is in bed. I can also push Callum in the Chariot while Andrew is with the baby.

I’m not sure I’ll ever buy a double stroller. I had one when Jake and Freddy were little and I spent the majority of my run breaking up fights.

Freddy was all propped up in that thing with towels and blankets. We got away with a lot more shit 15years ago than we’d ever get away with today!

I also have a treadmill, so I assume I’ll spend a lot of time on that bloody thing, especially since I’ll be training hard right through the winter. I’m so glad I have it, though! It’s a lifesaver!

I’m really excited about this! I love my sport SO MUCH, you guys! It doesn’t matter if you’re an Olympian that can run marathons in 2:30, or a 45 min 5K runner trying to overcome addiction. It feels so good to be passionate about something we love to do, that’s our own, you know? My family knows they’re first, and they also know that I love my sport. One doesn’t have to exist without the other.

If you’re a runner, why do you run?

What’s your passion(s)?

What are your goals, and how do you manage the negative voices and the Land of What If?

What types of things did your parents get away with when you were a baby?

I don’t even think we had car seats back then! My parents brought me back from the hospital while holding me in their arms in the car! Or maybe they put me in a cardboard box or something, like a new cat from the pet store.


The Bored Meeting

Running isn’t my god, it’s where I meet God, a place where grace and the human will collide. Some people go to church, but church isn’t their god. Some people pray, but it doesn’t replace deity. Meditation facilitates peace but it itself is not peace.

Jason and his wife take Freddy and Katie to church on Sunday mornings, a ritual that the kids aren’t totally thrilled about. Last night as Katie and I were coming back from Wonder Woman (she saw it–not me), she asked me if I thought that it was bad that her dad forced them to go to church. Her question opened up a really great conversation between the two of us and then it got me thinking about it even more all day today.

I used to go to church all the time. Every Sunday morning, Sunday night, and throughout the week I’d go to either Wee College or when I was older, youth group, college group, and Bible studies. Can you spot me? Just look for the huge hair.

This is me and my sister Lori with DC Talk. Did any of you guys listen to them? I used to own a black tee-shirt that read: “Down with the one-way possé.”

I attended a Christian private school and then earned my BA at a local Christian University. When Jake, Freddy and Katie were little, Jason and I would pack snacks, sippy cups, books, and small toys and bring the kids along to church with us.


Since then, I stopped going. I actually found a church I love, but church stopped being a place where I could relax into my faith; it started obstructing it. It’s nobody’s fault–as much as I’d love to cast blame, I can’t! Because for all the idiotic Christians out there, there are just as many golden ones. It’s not about the church, or the people that go there, or the specific prayers, verses, meditations, or rituals. To me, it’s about finding a place where grace and the human will collide. And quite frankly, it’s happened to me in the darkest places with the weirdest people during the most bizarre moments and while circumstances are such that my life is never short on Maury Povich-type scenes, I’d rather hightail it to the God-meeting in my running shoes. Just a personal preference.

I can’t make my kids run, I can’t make them go to church, and I most certainly can’t force them to have a relationship with God, or with the cat, for that matter. But I can show them how to be willing.

Do you go to church? Why or why not? Would you force your kids to go to church? Why or why not?

Is running (or working out) a spiritual experience for you, or just a sweat-fest?





Pregnant and Running: 29 Week Update

Hey guys! I am so excited about being in the third trimester and hitting 30 weeks pregnant next week! It’s a huge milestone. I went into premature labour with my first son, Jake at 30 weeks. They gave me the steroid shots for his lungs and a couple other medications to stop contractions and then sent me home after a week of being in the hospital. My little 7lb 3oz boy ended up being a week overdue and he’s been keeping us all on our toes ever since! I don’t foresee any premature labour with this pregnancy. Everything is feeling good and the baby and I are healthy and growing at a steady rate!

I’m up 1lb from last week putting me at 137lb (14-17lb total) and while it feels quite heavy, I also know it’s all healthy weight. I am a nutritional rockstar, seriously. Do you know what I drink after my run? I throw about 3 cups of frozen baby spinach and 18oz of water into a blender, blend it to smithereens and then chug it with my prenatal vitamins and iron supplement. But not only that–I’m also getting in a tonne of fruits and veggies throughout the day as well as truckloads of water. As soon as the baby is born, I have no doubt that I’ll go back to my shitty diet, yo. I can’t wait. I’m getting emotional just thinking about it.

Running has definitely been slowing down with way more walk and potty breaks, but that’s to be expected. I’m keeping my mileage up in an effort to not let my fitness go downhill too much, although I’ll be struggling with strength and speed post-partum, for sure.

If you’re interested in my weekly mileage, here is the link to the Mileage Monday for my 29th week of pregnancy! Come follow me on Instagram to get the latest cheeky posts. 😉

Have you ever had a spinach and water “smoothie” before? 

What should my first postnatal meal be? Talk slowly… 


Mileage Monday

HA HA HA! I freaking LOVE THIS! Another 70 mile week in the books, and nearly 29 weeks pregnant. JAZZ HANDS COVERED IN PEANUT BUTTER AND CHOCOLATE WAVING TO AND FRO! One day at a time though, I know. I KNOW. But hot DAMN I feel good.

I’ll break it down for you so you can hear me brag in super-slo-mo:

Monday– Man, you’d think that after all these years of running that I’d never have a day where I struggle to get a run in. That I’d not feel like it, or that maybe I’d rather just throw in the towel and give it all up completely. But it totally happens to me! Today was that day, and yet… I forced myself to get it done and HOLY SHIT AND HALLELUJAH I felt so much better afterwards! I got 5 miles done on the treadmill at 10 min/mile pace and then I pushed Callum in the stroller for 5 miles at a bit of a harder effort (couldn’t quite hold a conversation with him when he asked me all sorts of questions). It felt good to finish those 10 miles. I did my strength work in the evening despite wanting to put it off until tomorrow.

Tuesday– I got up early, ran 5 miles before anyone else woke up and then ran 5 slow miles on the treadmill later on in the day.

Wednesday– I slept in. I needed it. I ran 8 miles on the treadmill with the plan to run my intervals later but the van broke down and ruined my afternoon alone time! DAMMIT. I didn’t even get my strength work done.

Thursday– So, I have been so inspired by all these runners on Instagram because by the time I roll out of bed at 7, they’ve all logged their workouts! Mind you, most of them live on the East coast, 3 hours ahead of me. BUT STILL! I can see on their watches what time they started running and a lot of them start in the five am hour. So on Wednesday night I set my alarm for 5am, but then in the middle of the night I thought better and changed it to 6am. I got up, changed into my running clothes that I had set out the night before and hopped onto the treadmill and started slowwwwwwly running. I had to hop off and hop back on several times to go pee, say bye to the kids, etc but I got 11 miles done by 8am. Once Callum woke up, I got him some breakfast and then hopped back onto the treadmill for 3 more miles for a total of 14 for the day! I was also able to do my strength work later on in the afternoon. The van was getting fixed so we were forced to stay home. It was kinda nice! I got a tonne of cleaning and organizing done around the house too.

Friday– I squeezed out a run outside by myself in the morning and then finished it later on the treadmill for 11 miles total.

Saturday– A hilly 7 miler outside at an average 8:30 min/mile pace not counting the 3 bathroom breaks.

Sunday– I ran the first 5 miles outside with Callum in the stroller and then did the last 5 in the garage on the treadmill. I’m holding onto goal marathon race pace by a thread–I did my second-to-last mile at 6:49 min/mile pace.

I’m so happy. Cautious, but happy. Have you guys ever felt afraid to be happy? Like you might jinx yourself? 

You know what I say, right? Unroll a few squares of jinx and wipe your ass with it.

Have you ever had a vehicle break down on you? Were you stranded with no cell service? Tell me something dramatic.

Lisa, did you get your orthotics yet? xoxo