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Pregnant and Running: 15 Week Update

In case you missed the first 14 weeks, you can check it out here.

I’ll usually post these weekly updates on Tuesday/Wednesday but because we’re playing a bit of catch up this week, it’s a bit late.

Of course there are all these adorable templates out there to follow but I like to do my own thing. Shocking, I know. So I gained a solid pound since last week, so I’m up to 125lb now. I technically started at 123lb, but I went down to 120lb so let’s just say I have gained 5lb so far. As most of you guys know, I deal with stress by running (no shit) and January and February were fricking insane. Maybe even literally. So, I know I ran a lot but I am dedicated to staying healthy and active this pregnancy which means I had to work hard at maintaining my weight through the first trimester, and then by gaining weight now, which I’m doing, which I’m proud of.

Here’s a 15 weeks pregnant belly pic:

Just for fun, here’s a picture of what I looked like at 15 weeks pregnant with Callum (I weighed right around the same here too):

Bathroom pics are so gross, I’m sorry. It’s all I’ve got. But look at the difference in belly size! And evem my boobs were bigger! I had a subchorionic hematoma with Callum (11cm long, 3cm wide) so maybe that was it. Who knows.

I didn’t crave wine or beer or ANYTHING in the first trimester. It’s not even that I was nauseous–it was just like I had a biological block to it the same way that I wouldn’t reach for a tool box to nibble on a pack of screws. But now that I’m in the second trimester, I’ve really got a hankering for a ceasar. Or a Corona. Maybe even some red wine. I never ate raw sushi so I obviously haven’t missed it much. And I’m pretty sure I acquired the antibodies for taxoplasmosis from cat litter like, 30 years ago when I had a zillion cats. So it looks like the baby and I will survive this pregnancy just fine.

My biggest worry is where the baby will sleep. Callum moved himself into Katie’s room onto a bed beside hers, and he’s had the best sleeps of his life in there. This arrangement won’t last long, but it’ll do for the baby’s first few months when she/he sleeps in our room.

Okay, one more thing. I can feel the baby move ALL THE TIME. It’s so cute. How do these things never cease to amaze me?

For some reason, my running didn’t change much at all during the first trimester but it’s just starting to feel different in the last couple of weeks. I can’t hit the same paces I used to hit, and I work a lot harder to run, period. My resting heart rate is up to the mid 50s from the mid 40s, and my hips feel loose from the hormone changes. Nothing hurts, but I’m just being cautious; I stop and step down off curbs rather than just jumping off, and I run lightly with smaller steps than pushing hard through speed workouts.

I think that’s about it!

Any questions?

What do you think you’d miss the most if you were pregnant?




Pregnant and Running: Weeks 1-14

In case you missed it, Andrew and I are having a baby! It was SO HARD to keep it a secret for this long! We found out a few days before Christmas, and now I’m 15 weeks pregnant. We’ve had two ultrasounds, some blood tests and the baby (only one!) and I are as healthy as can be.

We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl yet but we will hopefully find out in a few weeks.

I know from experience that although there is more than there used to be, there isn’t a whole lot of information out there geared toward pregnant runners so what I decided to do this time is document my pregnant running journey on my blog so that hopefully I can help other pregnant runners out there!

Here is a summary of the first part of this pregnancy. Since we didn’t make it public for a while, I kept a secret journal that I could publish once it came out. It’s a bit long because I had to cover so many weeks in one post, but that’s just how it worked out. From now on I’ll do once-a-week updates, probably just combining them with Mileage Monday posts.

Here it is! Feel free to skip this if you don’t give an F! No hurt feelings here. I’m too busy eating peanut butter cups.

Week 1 of pregnancy counts as the first week of the cycle (so, day 1 of week 1 would be the first day of my last period). Once the majority of women find out they’re pregnant, they’ve already got at least 3+ weeks of pregnancy under their belts. Make sense?

Weeks 1-4: I brought my mileage down to 50 miles per week, and I gained a few pounds (I went from 118 to 123). My period was due on Christmas Day and we found out 4 days before that so we had to trick everyone into thinking I was drinking! We were quite clever. Andrew would fill up my glass with wine and I’d raise my arm and take pretend sips when nobody was looking directly at me. Then when nobody was around, Andrew would toss the wine back. I’d also pour a beer into a glass and then fill up my beer can with water! And at one point, I poured myself a faux vodka and coke (I replaced the vodka with water). I think we fooled everyone! I had a tiny bit of implantation spotting which is something I’ve never had before.

Here is my weekly mileage recap for the week I found out I was pregnant (week 4).

Week 5– Still not nauseous but my boobs are so sore. They’re hot and throbbing and already spilling out of my tiny pushup bras. No other symptoms, really. I’m craving a hot whiskey and a shag, but that’s nothing new. I went back down to 121 lb because of a little stress happening here, but I’ve got loads of time to pack it on. My mileage snuck up to 57, and I’ve been doing a lot of strength work (bicep curls, push-ups, V-sits) and that feels good.

Here is my running recap for week 5.

Week 6– Maybe getting a little nauseous? Struggling to eat veggies. Yup. I threw up on January 8th. Just dry heave though, but I felt so much better afterwards! Arrowroot baby cookies are great. Anything carbs, and I get down a green smoothie which is much more palatable than a bowl of broccoli. Back up to 123 lb after my killer birthday dinner at the pub. Boobs went up a cup size.

Here is my running recap for week 6.

Week 7– I’ve dry-heaved twice since last week, usually in the afternoon/evening. I’m actually okay in the mornings! I’m down to 122 lb but I can feel my uterus aching and growing and by the evening, I have to unbutton my jeans. Pretty soon it will be leggings-only! My boobs are still full. I bought two nursing bras that really stretch out so hopefully I’ll be able to wear them once the baby is born.

Here is my running recap for week 7.

Week 8– I felt sick a couple of times but only dry-heaved once. For the most part I can mind-over matter it. I lost 3 lb so I’m back down to 120, which is stupid, and I swear my belly went away and so I was worried that I was going to miscarry. But we rented a doppler and lo and behold, I found the heartbeat on Monday January 23rd! 165 bpm! Cute little bugger. So, I guess the bloat was bloat, not baby. Go figure. I can’t eat broccoli for the life of me. I haven’t touched that stuff in weeks. Green smoothies and salad wraps all the way, and that is IT. NO COOKED VEGGIES. Please. Ever. Never. Thank you.

Here is my running recap for week 8.

Week 9– Up 1 1/2 lbs to make it 121.5 lb. I haven’t thrown up in a week! I haven’t even really been that nauseous either, actually, which normally would have freaked me out but I keep getting reassured the baby is okay each time I listen to its little heartbeat on the doppler. <3 I’m nervous that it’s twins, even though I’m not showing yet or anything. But still there’s that lingering what if in the back of my mind. My dad is a fraternal twin and my age (39) gives me a higher chance of having them. We will find out on Wednesday at the dating ultrasound. I’ve been fricking starving lately. Each night I wake up in the middle of the night to eat cereal.

Here is my running recap for week 9.

Week 10– We had our dating ultrasound this week! Our baby had a strong and healthy heartbeat and measured correctly according to dates. No more nausea at all, which is fantastic! I am feeling MUCH more tired though. Pregnancy exhaustion is not for the faint of heart. It’s skin-crawling tired that you feel in your soul. It lets up in the second trimester so it helps to know there’s an end in sight. I had cramping all day on Saturday but I knew it was from my expanding uterus and not anything to do with the baby itself. By the end of the week, at the end of the day, my belly button was starting to pooch out a little. I haven’t touched broccoli in weeks but I’m obsessed with smoothies. I throw everything in there: frozen fruit, an orange, a banana, swiss chard, spinach, kale, cauliflower, chia seeds, Greek yogurt, and then I blend it for a long time until it’s super smooth; I like my smoothies to be ice cold but watery. I weigh around 122.5 lb despite an 8pm tummy pooch; I can spot my inside out belly button through my tee-shirts, so I’m hiding it with baggy hoodies and sweaters!

Here is my running recap from week 10.

Week 11– I’m up another 1.5 lb to make it 124 lb. I’ve been feeling FANTASTIC lately. I even had an epic 12 mile run and a couple of speed sessions this week! I’ve been able to eat broccoli again! I almost feel like my old self. I’ve got little pimples on my face and shoulders, but I remember this from last time too.

Here is my running recap from week 11.

Week 12– I barfed again! I could barely eat veggies this week. I ate so much chocolate and other crap. It was a nutritional write-off. Back down to 122 lb. SIGH. Also, I felt the baby move on Saturday night which would make me 11 weeks and 5 days pregnant. And no, that’s not normal. If you search it up, you will find the minimum weeks to feel the baby move is like 13 weeks for second-time moms, but I’ve done this 5 times now. I know what babies feel like. And, if you look up…wayyyyy up… you’ll see the title of my blog and it didn’t just get there because I run a lot. So what I’m saying is, I know what gas feels like. And this, party people, was the baby. YAY! So cute.

I ran 70 fricking miles in week 12. If you want to check it out, it’s here.

I forgot to take a belly picture this week, but it hasn’t really changed.

Week 13– I felt better. No nausea this week. Back up to 123 lb. We had the nuchal translucency ultrasound and the baby looks healthy and so cute!

I had another 70 mile week running. If you want to read about it, it’s here.

Week 14 (second trimester)– Okay, the belly is popping out now, and I’ve finally gained a couple of pounds (I’m up to 124lb). We’re getting close to telling everyone the news mostly because it’s getting harder and harder to hide the bump! It doesn’t look like much in this photo, but I promise you that you can see it in real life.

I ran 75 miles during this week! Check it out here.

And then we told everyone! So I will start doing weekly pregnancy updates from week 15 and on!

Did I fool you guys? I made sure to keep up with my wine references and stuff so nobody would get any ideas!




Week in Review

I texted Meghan from Clean Eats Fast Feets, the fine host of our weekly Week in Review, that I feel like a bit of a farce because I don’t really give all the dirty details of what really happens around here each week. It’s so frustrating because I put such an emphasis on being real because I love how much my stories help other people and I’d honestly die if anyone reading my stuff ever came to the conclusion that my life is a lot fluffier than it really is. So I guess I have to come to a truce with myself (my lower half is much stronger but my upper carries some brain tissue so it evens out) and just be okay with not telling everything. But, hang tight because I heard there’s been some media leakage around here so you may just be getting an inside scoop after all.

This is where I really need to insert a photograph. Dammit, blogging is tough. Here’s one of Lora and I from a long time ago. We sang karaoke that night. Christy is there too but she was probably getting hit on by someone off to the side of the camera. Hopefully not by the guy in the Hawaiian shirt. Where were we, anyway? That pub looks seedy af.

Can I just say something totally off tangent? Yay! Okay so see the wrinkles around my eyes? I LOVE THEM. I love it when people have them! I super huge adore smile wrinkles. If I could, I’d spread them on toast and let them drip down my finger. I don’t like the sun spots from all the years of obsessive tanning, but I love my smile wrinkles.

This is supposed to be about my week. Can you tell that I don’t have anything to say? Well, I did a day in the life of Monday last week and you can read about it here. The rest of the week was pretty decent, actually. I am in a huge organizing mood. I donated 6 bags of clothing/linens, got rid of a few bags of broken toys and miscellaneous garbage, and? I CLEANED OUT THE HOTYSSEY. My van was absolutely disgusting. I felt like I needed to offer people tetanus shots each time they got out of it.

But… I didn’t take any before or after photos. DAMN.

My sister Lori took her kids and Katie to a cool lodge in the middle of nowhere for the weekend. They picked Katie up on Thursday and she’s coming back today. While she was gone, I organized her room and put a little mattress on the floor in the corner for Callum to sleep. To say he loves Katie is an understatement; he loves her more than he loves me. Seriously. So we’ll see if he sleeps in there tonight.

Does this even qualify as a week in review? Man, I do a shitty job of blogging.

In case you’re wondering if the sun has come out at all lately, IT HASN’T. I’m pretty sure that God is getting me back for all the times that I didn’t clap during the singing segment at church.

I think I should probably stop typing now.

Anyone else in a Spring cleaning mood? What else should I tackle?

What kinds of secrets do you think I’m harboring? Wouldn’t it be great if I told you that Andrew wears women’s underwear? Or that I work as a stripper once all the kids go to bed? NOW we’re talking. Man, my life is dull.

Favourite Easter candy?

If I really was a stripper, I’d pick Peeps.


Mileage Monday

Well, I hit 76 miles this week. I’m not really sure how my mileage is creeping up, as it doesn’t feel like I’m running a whole lot more than usual. I think it just sort-of happens, day-by-day and then all of a sudden I get to the weekend and I’m like, whoa. Mileage. My body doesn’t feel any worse for the wear as I’m not doing any speed work at all. I think if I were doing mile repeats and tempo runs then my body would hurt but I’m not, so it doesn’t. Here’s how my running week went down:

Monday– My friend Kristen answered my cries for help and offered to watch Callum for me while I had Suzy time. Bless her heart. She and her family live in Langley so I drove out there, hung out for a while and then ran the trail in my old stomping ground of Fort Langley. It was super special for me to go back there and run those trails along the river again!

Tuesday– The weather was AWFUL. I drove to Lora’s and I could barely see while I was driving on the freeway for all the freezing rain! This run was ugly, but needed. It was so great to run with Lora again, and as usual, we talked non-stop.

Wednesday– I got in a solid and hilly 10 miler outside in the rain with an average of 7:30 min/miles, with one mile at 6:58 and a couple other ones at 7:15. I was happy about that.

Thursday– Katie left today for a short trip with her auntie and cousins, so she watched Callum for me this morning while I got a slow 10 mile run in.

Friday– Okay, whoops! I ran 9 miles this morning super early, because I couldn’t sleep and then Lora texted me this afternoon asking me if I can meet her for 7 miles. At first I said no but then Andrew told me he’s coming home early from work and that I can go! So I did! And even though I have logged SO MANY MILES this week, my body feels fine because I haven’t done any speed work.

Saturday– An early morning 8 mile run after I dropped Jake off at work. I felt a bit light-headed and dizzy on this one for some reason even though I had a coffee, a cookie and a bowl of cereal before I left.

Sunday– Another early morning run after I dropped Jake off at work but it felt REALLY early because of Daylight Savings time. I got 6 miles done and today’s run felt much better than yesterday’s.

Have you ever felt light-headed during exercise even though you fueled properly? What helps?

What breaks down your body more: higher slow mileage (long runs), or speed work?





Public Toilet Paper Review

I don’t like using public bathrooms but I mean, sometimes it’s unavoidable. Of course having a wee is no big deal because we’re in and we’re out. Nothing embarrassing about that. But poo happens, ideally at 7am each morning but along comes variables such as stress, diarrhea chips and bacterial infections and then boom. Poo. Out of nowhere.

This is my experience with public toilet paper.

Exhibit A:

The vertically stacked roll on roll, packed tightly into the receptacle. These are the worst. They are so loud, rumbling and shaking with each small tug, and each small tug spits out the tiniest little bit of paper, forcing the user to pull and pull while it rumbles and shakes then WHAM the top roll slams down on top of your hand, pinching the bottom roll even tighter, making it even more difficult to get more paper. Hot DAMN that pisses me off. Everyone knows you’re taking a shit because of all the MF toilet paper sounds!!!

Exhibit B:

The side by side rolls. These are my favourite in the roll category because not only do the rolls glide rather silently with ease but the paper tears along the perforated marks quite nicely. My advice would be to choose the smaller of the two rolls; it moves more smoothly.

Exhibit C:

Single roll, basic container. It’s not my favourite but it’s not the worst. The paper doesn’t tear that well, but it’s okay. The roll moves easily, which is nice, and it’s not too noisy. The problem is if the roll starts to run out, you’ve got to reach your hand way up there to try and nail down the end of the roll to pull it out. If the roll runs out entirely, there’s no backup roll, so you’re screwed.

Exhibit D:

Square-by-square toilet paper. THE BEST INVENTION EVER. Silent. Absolutely stealth retrieval with zero issues regarding tearing the paper because the receptacle spits out single squares! You just gather up enough squares to make a pillowy cloud and that’s it! And yes, there’s a brown smudge on the wall to the bottom right of the dispenser. It’s not mine, I swear.

Exhibit E:

The worst of the worst. You can see why this dispenser is so bad just by looking at the ripped up piece of toilet paper lying on the bathroom floor. My GOODNESS this is grievous. I spent what seemed like hours sitting there, ripping off tiny bits of paper, rattling the whole thing while doing it, basically announcing a poo in stall #1. Frick. It was awful. Obviously the girl next to me barely got out alive, either. And the irony of it all is that I flooded the toilet with all those bits of one-ply paper. My wrists and forearms were all scraped up from reaching up into the dispenser. I walked out of there like I had just been strangled.

Which one is your favourite?

Which one would be your least favourite?

Do you have any public bathroom stories?



Logging Behaviour

As you may have heard, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the bathroom lately, and not just for reasons pertaining to the title of my blog (in fact, I can’t even remember the last time I’ve had diarrhea due to the iron supplements I’ve been taking) but because Callum is newly potty-trained and now drops les deux in the toilet. The step stool he’s supposed to be using to climb upon the throne himself is instead used to support myself as I sit and wait fricking forever for him to do his thing.

So I’ve been thinking.

Here’s a bang-selfie to keep you interested in what I’m writing:

That it’s funny and strange how it’s normal for me to watch Callum go poo, up close and personal, with grimaces, poo-coming-out sounds and all, punctuated with a plop but that one day, hopefully sooner than later, this type of behaviour where his mother watches him take a shit, becomes unacceptable. Humiliating, even. I mean, I can’t pinpoint exactly when it happened but I certainly don’t sit beside Jake on the toilet and watch him go! Maybe figuratively, but that’s for the book. LOL.

What the hell am I talking about? I’m talking about human behaviour. That it’s amazing to me how one day, a person’s behaviour will be not only acceptable but normal and expected but that as we evolve as humans, certain behaviours, if we’re healthy and growing and moving toward independence and competency, will naturally get phased out and replaced by new more socially acceptable and less destructive behaviours.

Except, some people get stuck on the throne though, don’t they? Grimacing, stinking the place up while we watch on in awkward repulsion. Or maybe it’s we that sit there, point at the step stool beside us and expect our loved ones to keep us company.




My Day in a Fishbowl

Another day in the life post! I chose to document Monday because I knew it wasn’t going to be a typically busy day for me and I really want you guys to see the lazier side of Suzy. As much as I like to think that my days are filled to the brim with important things that only I can do, it’s not actually true. So, there’s that. And, here is this:

I woke up at around 7am with an emergency-sized bladder. Had my wee, brewed coffee, added some cream and collapsed into a heap on the family room couch in front of the fire. I think my phone was still half asleep too because the photo came out all fuzzy. Probably a good thing.

After I dicked around for a bit on the computer, Callum woke up and toddled his way down the stairs. We watched some TV and then I made us some breakfast. He had some grapes and half of a toasted bagel with butter and peanut butter and I had a bowl of flax oatmeal with a sliced banana, a few strawberries and grapes.

I nursed two full mugs of hot lemon water while we puttered around the house and figured out my schedule for this week.

I did bits of laundry and dishes and just generally tidied up a bit but nothing extraordinary. Today was strength day so I did some bicep curls and other stuff. One day I will learn the technical terms.

Oh! See that bottle of Nestle water on top of my messy dresser? I’m obsessed with that stuff lately. I only like the mandarin orange flavour. I drink two of them per day! They’re a lot healthier than my Coke Zero addiction.

For lunch I made myself a toasted multigrain bagel with butter and peanut butter and chased it down with an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie and a glass of chocolate milk.

My friend Kristen invited us over to hang out with her and her one year old daughter and she also told me that she’d watch Callum for me for a few hours so that I could have some time to myself. Do you think I need to hold onto that girl? Yep. She’s golden. So captivating in fact, that I forgot to take pictures when I was over there. We barely stopped talking long enough for me to breathe. When I tore myself away long enough for a run, it started hailing and snowing! I got to run in the fresh air through the Fort Langley trails: my favourite place on earth.

After my run I picked up a mocha from Wendel’s and a few Caramilk Easter eggs from the corner store and then headed back to Kristen’s. Callum was so tuckered out from playing all day that he crashed on our way home to Abbotsford. While we drove back home, I ate the snacks I had packed for Callum: two different granola bars and about six Arrowroot baby cookies.

I carried him into the house and lay him on our bed so I could have a shower. He stayed fast asleep, which would be a problem because now his regular 7pm bedtime would be pushed back a few…hours.

I finally woke him up but just barely. He lazed around on the couch in the family room for a while before he worked up some energy for playtime.

I stuck a shepherd’s pie in the oven for Andrew and Ethan; they were at Ethan’s basketball tournament. Kylah’s mom took her out for dinner so I only had to feed a few people. I didn’t really like the shepherd’s pie, and my body was craving vegetables so I made myself a huge salad of mixed greens, shredded cheese, crumpled chips and balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Then I ate a few baby carrots dipped in mustard. Callum refused to eat anything!

Jake texted me telling me he’s craving samosas, so I drove a block over and picked up some veggie samosas and king size reese’s peanut butter cups. They have new ones now that are filled with reese’s pieces. I didn’t take pictures because I ate them so fast. I think the wrapper is in the van and it’s freezing out and I don’t want to walk out there to take a photo! The samosas were absolutely incredible though. Now I’m craving butter chicken.

Callum finally had something to eat: a bowl of Cheerios. I let him eat it on the couch as long as he was very careful about eating over the bowl and not spilling.

It’s 10pm and he’s still awake beside me, watching YouTube videos on my phone. Andrew is on his phone on the couch next to me and the cat’s claws are stuck in my socks at my feet. I’m nearly finished my second mandarin orange flavoured water, and I’m dying to get Callum to bed so I can crash too!

(Once I got him to sleep, I had some chips and salsa and for the first time ever, I had just the right amount of chips to salsa ratio). It was freezing, so I stayed in my leggings, hoody and socks, washed my face and brushed my teeth and then went to bed at 10:30!

Do you guys have Reese’s peanut butter cups in the States? Do you have the ones filled with Reese’s Pieces? Try and find them! They’re amaaaaaazing.

Anyone else like sparkling water? What kind?


Week in Review: The Back End of Winter

I won’t sugarcoat anything. Have I ever? I don’t think so. I’m just…feeling a little…done with winter. I’m self aware enough to know that my mood suffers every single February just because the grey, dark, cold, miserable winter weather gets so old by the end of February that I really begin to feel completely depleted in the hopeful department. By February 28th, all my fucks are gone. Come March, I start feeling better because the sun starts peeking out from the darkness, winter loses its bite, the winds retreat, little bits of green start to sprout from the earth, and the birdies start chirping. Except this year. Because this year’s winter is dragging on and on like an all-girls university’s graduation ceremony. With no intermission. And the woman sitting beside me is wearing polyester pants and has crotch rot.

But, because I always have candies in my purse, I will white-knuckle my way through our still-snowy forecast and give you all some highlights from our week last week. Brought to you by the lovely vixen Meghan from Clean Eats Fast Feets, here is what went down.

It was Callum’s birthday week! For the most part, our weather was pretty awful but there were a couple of times where the sun peeked out for a short bit and when it did, we spent as much time as we could outdoors. Twice last week we went to Fort Langley to have breakfast at Wendel’s and then go for a walk, play in the park and watch the trains go by. We even got one last bonus train when we pulled away to head back home!

A couple of his cousins came by with balloons, and of course, he let them go so we had to wrangle them down from the ceiling with a broom.

Birthday cake time!

I love his laugh in this picture!

I brought Callum to Freddy’s soccer game on Saturday but even though it was clear and sunny, it was too cold for Callum to be outside that long. We stayed for the first half and then headed home. Freddy’s team lost but he played really well.

Meghan is good for me in that from time to time she will call me out on my bullshit. Like in her comment from last week’s Mileage Monday, she was like, “Why do you feel like you have to up the intensity of your weights?” or something like that and it made me stop and think! Like, why DID I feel pressured to up the intensity? Why can’t I just accept how things are going and chill the fuck out? So we texted each other about it for a while and of course she helped me a lot. That sisterfriend of mine super helps bring balance to my life.

She encouraged me to take some time to myself to regroup, so I carved out Saturday night as the night that I’d put Callum to bed early and just go upstairs to our room and do Suzy things. You know, like have a shower that lasts long enough to actually wash and condition my hair, shave my legs and stuff, and then put leave-in conditioner in my hair, lotion on my body, paint on my toenails, etc etc. It all sounded absolutely divine, except I fell asleep next to Callum at 7pm. Oopsiedoodles! I guess I was tired.

On Sunday, I spent the day cleaning and organizing the house and it felt AMAZING. Then I bleached out the ends of my hair (it’s not blonde–just lighter brown than the rest of my hair) and I cut bangs. It looks pretty cute! Because my hair is so wiry, I can pull the bangs back into a ponytail or wear them down. I feel weird posting selfie pics.

Have you ever had bangs?

Do you have a friend that calls you out on your bullshit? How do you handle it?

Is anyone else emotionally  struggling through the tail end of winter? How do you deal with the misery?


Mileage Monday

I hit 75 miles this week but they were all pretty slow miles. Nothing intense. I still do my strength work 3 times a week, and even though I hate doing it, I really notice a huge difference in my overall physical health. I used to blame a weak core for my recurring SI joint problems, but now I know it was from my lack of arm strength! Because when I’d bend over to pick up something heavy, my back would compensate for my arm weakness. I haven’t had any SI joint issues since I started working out my arms. Ta da! I should have taken a before picture so I could show you guys the difference! There’s not much though. Ha ha!

Monday– I planned on running an easy 6 miles in the morning and then 4 miles of tempo in the afternoon/evening but once I got Callum to bed, I just didn’t feel like it! So I just did the 6 slow treadmill miles in the morning.

Tuesday– I went to do my tempo run tonight and didn’t quite make it. I warmed up, dove into my usual 3 miles at 6:40 min/mile pace and only made it to 1.5 miles at that pace. I recovered for .5 miles and then did 1 mile at 6:40 pace, recovered again for .5 miles and then did the last .5 (of the original 3) at 6:40 pace. Cooled down, with a total count of 10 miles on the treadmill. Oof. Wasn’t feeling it today.

Wednesday– I ran 5 early in the morning outside while listening to a podcast and then I pushed Callum in the stroller for 5 miles in the afternoon. He needed a short nap so I let him sleep in there for 20 minutes.

Thursday– I ran 6 slow miles on the treadmill early this morning and then a super fast and hilly 6 miles outside later on! Andrew came home early from work and told me to go. YIPPEE!

Friday– I got up early and ran a really slow 10 miles in the cold, dark rain. I am so done with this winter. SO DONE. Then, because it was Callum’s birthday and he had about 16 pieces of birthday cake and was acting like a screamy monster, I pushed him in the stroller through the dark night rain for 3 miles.

Saturday– Just a really super slow 12 miler this morning after dropping Jake off at work. The sun is trying to peek out, though! I want to reach up, grab it and kiss all over it.

Sunday– Another super slow 12 miler IN THE SNOW. Ugh. It’s not sticking, thank goodness. BUT STILL.

When is your next birthday and how old are you turning?

Do you like cake? What kind?

Don’t even tell me how amazing your weather is right now.


Old News

Blended family, my ass. It’s an oxymoron, like the living dead or being alone together. I dove into this new way of life thinking it was going to be so much different than it is. I mean, I researched blended families and read the sobering truth about how it takes an average of seven years to actually blend a family but I didn’t think it would actually take seven years. How hard could it be?


Sure, I know some blended families that share their soup spoons and don’t want each other dead, but they’re the exception to the rule.

Each Friday I’d write a post about blended family life but that got dropped pretty quick; I can’t exactly string out our kids’ personal lives like an arts and crafts display, especially when the blood and guts leave such bad stains. Okay, it’s not that bad. I promise. I’m just trying to make the point that it can be a pretty messy and difficult deal. Callum struggles with being the only one that doesn’t leave and come back (although Kylah stays here full-time now too, but she’s in and out with school and sports). I feel so bad for him sometimes. The house will be empty and Callum asks, begs me for (mostly) Katie, and everyone else, one name at a time. It breaks my mama heart. He even asks for Jason’s dog Dylan, the poor kid. I guess the cat just doesn’t do it for him.

But hey. Maybe it’s not exactly a blended family, but it’s still a family. Fragmented, pieced together by blood, sweat and tears, if not directly then indirectly through me or through Andrew. Like a chain, a rope with knots, with love as the constant variable that acts as the only choice between here and there.

How many oxymorons did you detect?

Give me an example of a good oxymoron!