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Don’t Wish Me a Happy Mother’s Day

No, I’m not a pessimist. I don’t hold grudges and I’m not big on resentments (although I’ve got a few… but they’re reserved for a select few ears connected to bodies holding Crown and Coke, so I’ve benched them for a couple more months although, from time to time, when I’m feeling feisty, and a bit melancholic, and when I’ve got death metal cued up on my playlist, I’ll dabble a bit). I like to call myself a realist; I’m aware there’s feces, and I’ll open the door with my sleeve, thankyouverymuch.

I don’t air quotes get three out of four of my kids this weekend and so I air quotes miss out on seeing them on Sunday, which is Mother’s Day. While everyone else is eagerly anticipating their haphazardly planted pea shoots in Solo cups, I’m giving a whole lot of zero fucks about the whole thing.

About three days ago, Jake texted me in a panic feeling like maybe his bottom left wisdom tooth had left a dry socket. I told him I’d be right over to have a look. It was mid-day. Katie and Callum were sitting in the van, the sun was white-knuckling its grip on some pretty menacing cloud cover and I stood with Jake on the sidewalk, facing him, so that I could have a look into his mouth. It was difficult for him to open much. I held his bearded chin in my hands, my fingers grazing his jaw, my baby, a man, all in front of me and all he was and all he is and all he ever will be, trusting his mama, my son’s reflection in the light of my eyes while I searched what he gave me, all of him that moment had all of me, he always has, he always will, and his wounds were healing fine.

His wounds are healing fine. So are mine.

That’s Mother’s Day.

Sunday can fuck right off.


Pregnant and Running: 23 Week Update


It sounds way more exciting than it is. I’ve never been much of a meat eater other than the occasional plate of hot wings, chicken strips with honey mustard sauce or a few bites of Andrew’s steak, so it’s weird for me to be craving so much meat right now. We went to El Nopal for dinner last night and I picked out all the shredded beef from my plate and ate it, leaving the cheese, guacamole, lettuce and tomatoes. I’m eating a tonne of eggs, cheese (mostly feta), cheeseburgers, bacon, and chicken strips.

My belly feels huuuuuge, but I know it’s not, and it’s not even close to how big it’s going to get in the next few months. No matter how many times I’ve done this gig, I still get shocked at just how rapidly my body changes! Phew.

I weigh 132lb now, 1lb up from last week, 9-12 lb total weight gain. I ran 70 miles last week and kept up my strength work, although a little tweak in my right hamstring set me back a day. It feels better now so I should be back at my hip, glute and hammy exercises by tomorrow. If you’re curious, my Mileage Monday post for my 23rd week of pregnancy is here.

As far as running comfortably goes, it still feels the same and in fact, sometimes I even forget I’m pregnant and come back to the van and get shocked by the reflection of my belly in the van window. I still definitely have to time my runs around bathroom visits, for sure, and hydration and fueling can be a bit tricky. And I get the sensation to pee with each step, 100% of the time. I have to say that the one thing I’m looking forward to is being able to run carefree again without spending a good chunk of my mental energy on not peeing my pants. Although, my pelvic floor gets a doozy of a workout each time I go for a run, so that can be nothing but beneficial for mommy and daddy’s “romantic time.”

What have you been craving like mad lately?

Do you do pelvic floor exercises?

If you eat chicken strips, what do you dip them into?


Week in Review

Going into this week I knew it would be busy, but I didn’t realize how emotionally taxing everything would be. Don’t you guys find that everything usually happens all at once? Which is good in that we can get things over with in one fell swoop but bad in that it nearly pushes us over the edge.

Brought to you by Meghan of Clean Eats Fast Feets, here is this week’s week in review!

I have been trying to get Callum’s hair cut for months now but he freaks out each time I bring him into the salon. Once in a while I’ll get him into the chair but as soon as he figures out what’s about to go down, he comes unglued. Like, he’s terrified. So Andrew decided that he would try to take him this time and Callum didn’t cry once! We decided to just use clippers all over his head because if we started taking too long giving him a style, he could bolt and then we’d end up with half a hair cut. It’s a bit short, but I love how we can see his cute little face now!

I did a longer run while Andrew had Callum, which was so nice, and then I got a tonne of stuff done in preparation for the busy week. I pre-made dinners, cleaned the house, topped up all the laundry and generally just did as much as I could so that I wouldn’t be overwhelmed in the following days. HA. Right.

I woke up super early on Wednesday to get my run in before the day got cray. I went to the gym to use their treadmill otherwise I’d be having bathroom issues outside with nowhere to go. I have a treadmill in the garage but Callum would wake up and come into the garage and cry for me if he knew I was in there. After I was done on the gym treadmill I walked over and grabbed the cleaning spray and some paper towel and started to clean what I thought was the treadmill I had been using for the past hour and a half but the old guys on the bikes behind me told me I was cleaning the treadmill beside the one I had been using. I must have been really out of it!

After the gym, I showered, made cookies, made lunches for the next day, got Callum’s breakfast together, snacks arranged, and then my mom came over at 9:30 to watch him so I could take Jake to get his wisdom teeth out. It went well, but the days following have been pretty difficult for him! After the wisdom teeth stuff, Andrew, Callum and I went to my obstetrician appointment. The detailed scan came back great, and my doctor is happy with how the baby and I are doing! I picked up Katie and Freddy from Jason’s, fed everyone dinner, and then baked banana oatmeal muffins, boiled some cauliflower to put into the freezer for smoothies, baked bacon-wrapped medjool dates (super yummy!) and pretty much just kept moving until I crashed into bed at around 10:30.

Thursday wasn’t as hectic, but for what it was lacking in appointments, made up for with emotional kid drama. On Thursday night I slept from 10pm until midnight and then didn’t get back to sleep until 4am until Callum woke up at 6am. Friday was ugly from start to finish. The only reason I don’t have stress diarrhea is because of the iron in my prenatal vitamins. Seriously.

Callum’s been having some sympathy tooth pains for Jake. It’s pretty cute.

Saturday was kinda dumb. Jake’s mouth started to settle a bit and his anxiety with it. Kylah and Ethan went back to their mom’s on Friday night and Jason picked up Freddy and Katie on Saturday afternoon. Callum ran out to Jason’s van in his underwear and asked him for a high-five. It was pretty cute. The house got quiet, and although I had a lump in my throat, I kinda just felt dead and empty like I had just run a 50-miler without eating anything. Andrew came home from work and we took Callum to a restaraunt down the street for dinner except Callum didn’t want to sit still, so I had to stand outside with him while Andrew got our food packed up. We brought it home but kinda lost our appetites. After Callum went to bed, Andrew and I talked on the couch and made plans to make Sunday a day where we fill our tanks back up. We divided it up into sections: a) what we need, b) what we want, and c) what we wish for. It’s a pretty cool thing to practice doing each day, actually, and not just on those super stressful empty days/weeks.

I love this photo of Callum because it shows just how relaxed and content he is! And yes, duh, I am aware that he’s 3 and still drinks warm milk from a bottle. That and his stuffed doggy bring him so much comfort in a world filled with chaos and noise that I feel like choosing my battles and letting this one slide.

I had people criticizing me for breastfeeding Katie past 2, so, you can’t win.

Sunday was a bit better than Saturday. Andrew had another open house and my sister Tracey announced that she’s coming over to play with Callum and I was not to argue about it. I ran in the morning and then when she got here I started having cramps and Braxton Hicks, so I just sat still and iced my hamstring and did some writing. It was only an hour, but it felt really good. Tracey’s amazing. By the time Andrew got home, we were both just so worn out that we ended up picking up bacon cheeseburgers and chicken strips and eating that for dinner. Callum fought bedtime a bit, and then we had some more drama go down, so we spent yet another night dealing with all of it. Can we go back to Arizona now?

So much happened last week that I have to cut this short and carry over some things into another post for later on!

Have you ever accidentally cleaned the wrong machine at the gym?

Have you ever tried bacon-wrapped dates?

When is your next vacation?

How do you deal with stress?






Mileage Monday: Run the Mile You’re In

I am thankful, so incredibly grateful for my ability to run, and to be able to do so this much and this far into my pregnancy. I don’t want to take a single step for granted because I know too well how fragile pregnancy can be and how running can very easily, very quickly be pulled out from underneath me at any given moment. Each time I put my running shoes on, I remind myself to soak it up as much as I can and run as if it’s my last one.

One of my favourite quotes that has got me through not only some very tough runs but some very tough life moments too is this one: “Run the mile you’re in.” As soon as we start thinking about the next mile, we get anxious. As soon as we start thinking about the previous mile, we get cocky. One day at a time. Bit by bit, we get there. Success is made up of all the tiny little moments that we get through each day, each hour, each minute. Pain is inevitable, but it doesn’t last forever.

This photo was sent to me recently by a woman who recognized me from the Cares race I did last October! She stopped me last week while Lora and I were out on a long run and asked me for my phone number so she could send this photo to me. I was in the last kilometre of the 10k race and you can tell by my face that I was definitely riding the pain train:

Fast forward to now, and I’m not sure how I’m able to run 70 miles a week while in my 23rd week of my fifth (sixth, actually) pregnancy but you know what? I’ll take it…and run with it.

Monday– What a way to kick off the week! Andrew took Callum to get his hair cut (because I’ve tried to take him several times and he FREAKS OUT when I’m there) so I took the opportunity to run! I ran 3 warm-up miles and then 7 miles at 7:30 min/mile, and then a 2 mile cool-down (the second-to-last mile was straight up a mountain, so not really a “cool-down” mile but I took it easy anyway) for 12 miles total. I wanted to work a little harder for this run but I didn’t want to push anything too hard, so I settled nicely into a 7:30 pace and just held it there. A far cry from my 7 mile tempo at 7:10 average last week, but this just felt right today.

Tuesday– The first run of the day was a 5 mile stroller run with Callum and then Andrew came home early from work so I headed to the trails and ran 6 miles in the sun! Thankfully there was an actual bathroom that I could stop at and have a pee in. Both runs were at about a 9 min/mile pace.

Wednesday– CRAZY DAY today, and I knew it was going to be, so I set my alarm for 5:45 and headed to the gym to run on the treadmill there. I had enough time for 10 miles, so I did that at a 10 min/mile pace and then the last 3 miles were 8:30 min/mile pace.

Thursday– I pushed Callum in the stroller for 6 miles this morning and then I barely managed to squeeze in this treadmill workout in the afternoon: one mile warm-up, two miles at 6:49 min/mile pace and one mile cool-down.

Friday– What a frigging WEEK THAT WAS. OMFG. Barely hanging on. I squeezed 2 treadmill miles and some strength work into the afternoon and then Andrew and I ran 6 hilly miles together in the evening once Callum went to bed. I only slept 4 hours last night (10pm-midnight, and then 4-6am) so hopefully I’ll be able to sleep tonight!

Saturday– It’s Saturday, and the drama from the week spilled over into the weekend like waistbands at Walmart. I don’t remember much, but I do know that I got in 8 treadmill miles. If you need me, you can find me in the hardware aisle sniffing paint fumes.

Sunday– I wanted an even 70 for the week because this week was shitty and sometimes I need to satisfy my overwhelming OCD nature to give myself a sense of control. There are times where I have energy to force myself out of my comfort zone, and then there are these times. I had time for 9 outside miles before Andrew left for work and then I pushed Callum in the stroller for 2 miles so that I could hit 11 for the day. My hamstring is a bit sore from doing all that strength work on Friday (single leg dead lifts kicked my ass) but I’m icing it and hopefully it settles down soon.

What’s your favourite running quote?

What’s your favourite life quote?

Does anyone else struggle with insomnia? Does anything specific trigger it, or does it randomly show up?


It’s All Bananas, Actually

Wednesday was bananas. I knew it would be, so I got a lot of prep done on Monday and Tuesday (I pre-made Wednesday’s dinner and did extra laundry, cleaning, etc). I also set my alarm for 5:45 Wednesday morning so I could get my run done before the shit went down.

Jake needed his wisdom teeth out, which I knew would be a big deal but it turned out to be a bit…bigger… than I thought it would be. Which, you know, is how parenting goes. My sweet little Jakey boy caused a bit of a raucous on the flip side; they had to drug him up a bit more than average and it was…evident.

This was Jake as a baby:

And this was Jake right after his surgery (Aren’t I a jerk? Ha ha ha ha!!!):

Ha ha ha. Am I being evasive? That’s how it goes, with Snapchat as the only 24 hour evidence.

He’s doing okay now. Whew. But anyway, I didn’t get my teeth brushed or armpits washed a blog post up yesterday.

Hey, I think I’ve picked up a few new readers in the last couple of months and so maybe I should give you guys a quick rundown of my life around here just because I can see how it could get confusing. I’m pregnant and also posting pictures of my son Jake who looks like a grown man. We need a character roll call, eh? Aiiiight.

I was born Susan Heather Hutchins in Calgary Alberta, moved over to BC, down to LA and back up to BC. I graduated from Christian private school in 1996 and then attended and played soccer for a Christian university and halfway through my degree in 2000, I married my high school sweetheart, Jason. We got pregnant with Jake, who is turning 17 and then had Freddy 21 months later who is turning 15 this month. Three years later we had Katie, who is 11, and then we got divorced in and around 2010.

I met Andrew (and his two kids: Kylah and Ethan) in late 2011, got pregnant with Callum in 2013. We were faux married in October 2013 (Andrew’s divorce was messy–Supreme court for 3 years!) and then married for real in July 2015.

And now Andrew and I are pregnant with another boy! So, pretty much, I’ve been having babies for 17 years now. I’ve also been running marathons for nearly 20 years, so there’s that too, although I don’t get paid for either.

Jason met and married a wonderful woman, and so my kids are so lucky to have her as a step-mom.

There is SO SO SO SO SO much more to my story. Our story. So this is only a super quick overview but I just felt like it was the right time to go over it again. If you have time to listen, head over to this Diz Runs podcast episode to hear more details.

You think I’m making all this shit up, don’t you?

I just read over this post and even my own mouth is hanging open a bit. I wonder where Jake gets it from?

I think that’s about it! Did I miss anything important?

Where were you born?

If you’re married, how long have you been married?

Are you divorced? Did your ex remarry? How do you feel about that? What’s the situation like?

Are your parents divorced and remarried? Is it a pain in the ass? Tell the truth! I wanna hear it!


Pregnant and Running: 22 Week Update

I know I don’t usually include the typical details like how big the baby is and what vegetable it resembles but this week is particularly cool because the baby hit the 1lb mark! And it’s the size of a spaghetti squash. That just seems huge to me, but hey, I guess it’s true. I can feel him all over the place, kicking and rolling and throwing punches.

Did you catch that pronoun?

It’s a boy! Callum’s going to have a little spaghetti squash BROTHER!

Katie was pretty pissed off about it, and I don’t blame her. I love my sisters and I can’t imagine life without my very own sister! But now she gets to have me all to herself with no comparisons or competitions with other females. Plus, I convinced her that Callum won’t follow her around and bug her so much if he has a little brother to play with.

Sure, I would have loved to have had a girl with Andrew, but there’s just something about a mama and her boys. I’m not the most girliest of girls, and so I don’t feel the need to bond over fancy tea and shopping trips and anti-clumping mascara but if I ever get the urge, I have Katie. And if she ever gets the urge, she knows I’ll stop running and farting long enough to meet her halfway. <3

The only symptom really worth noting this week is just how much I always have to go pee. I can’t just put my runners on and head out the door for a 10 miler anymore. Oh, no no no no no. I have to time it so that I don’t have anything to eat or drink at least 2 hours before, or I’ll be soiling my shorts. I also have to make sure I have something to eat or drink that day, or I won’t have the energy to push through it. If I run in the morning, I have to make sure I eat and drink in the middle of the night (which isn’t a problem these days) and save my coffee for post-run. And, the most notable of all, I don’t just have one morning poo anymore; I poo all day long. I guess because of the pressure from the baby, or something. Or maybe it’s the mass quantities of food I’m consuming to keep up with the pregnancy and my mileage. But either way, I spend a lot of time on the toilet.

Pregnancy isn’t glamorous.

Oh, speaking of which, I found puffy vag veins. The books and the websites tell us that our breasts and bellies get sparkly new webs of veins during pregnancy because of the increased blood flow, which makes sense. And it only makes sense that said veins would blow up the vag-ay-jay too since it’s the swinging exit door, except nobody really tells us those things. At first, when I saw it, I thought it was a cut or a bruise or something and I began trying to rub it out but naturally, I couldn’t. But boy oh boy did I put in a good effort.

Posts comparing the size of the baby to fruits and vegetables sound way more normal right about now, don’t you think?

I weigh 131 lb still. Same as last week, so about an 8-11lb weight gain so far. Belly is growing like cray, and the baby feels like a Costco-sized spaghetti squash, so we’re all good. I have my next obstetrician appointment on Wednesday, so that will be good too. I’m curious to hear back any information from our detailed scan we had last week.

I don’t have a photo of my belly at 22 weeks pregnant with Callum, but I do know I weighed 136lb, and I was having so many contractions even at 22 weeks pregnant that I had to go into the hospital and get monitored and given some IV fluid. This pregnancy is a walk run in the park compared to the last one! I’m no fool though; it can change at any moment. Here’s a belly pic of me at 23 weeks pregnant with Callum:

These pics were taken at the physio clinic I worked at. Don’t mind the garbage can–I had no idea back then that I’d be putting these up here! The gentleman in the photo behind me was one of the founders of the clinic and he passed away, so there’s a plaque in his honor and several pieces of his artwork hanging on the office walls. <3

If you’re interested in my weekly running mileage, here is the link to my Mileage Monday for my 22nd week of pregnancy.

Do you have siblings? If not, do you wish you had them? If you do, do you have both brothers and sisters? If not, do you wish you had both?

What are the pros and cons of having a sister and/or a brother?

Where are you in the birth order and how do you think it affects your personality and your life choices?


Week in Review

Well, we’re slowly but surely getting a few sunnier days as each week goes by and as soon as the sun comes out, we pretty much drop everything and head to the park.

It’s that transitional time though where it gets really hot when the sun is out and then freezing cold as soon as a cloud passes over.

Every two weekends, Andrew and I have just Callum at home with us and so we usually take the time to decompress and rejuvenate before the big kids come back on Tuesday. Andrew had an open house on Sunday so he was gone most of the day, and Callum and I just enjoyed our one-on-one time without worrying about dinner prep, grocery shopping, homework deadlines, and all the other things that come along with having the school-aged kids here. I miss them, but I know that if I take some rest time then I’ll have more energy for my kids when they come back!

I stuck this photo on my Instagram stories. It makes me laugh! Andrew came back from his open house with a tonne of phone calls, offers coming in and just general work mayhem, so all he had time to do was take off his dress clothes and keep his socks on. You can’t see it but on one of the socks it says, “I need a sandwich.”

It’s tax time. BLECH. Two divorces and a personal business make for a very exhausting tax season. We finally got it all done though. The office had candies for Callum so he was happy about that. An open bar would have been nice though.

Once a week I aim to run one mile at goal race pace (that’s 6:50 min/miles for a sub-3 marathon). Last year I was running TEN of them, consecutively. Try to stay positive, Suzy. For anyone that’s done tough workouts, it’s the prep work that can make or break it, am I right? I have to make sure I’m pre-hydrated, but not too close to the workout time. I have to have done a poo (two is better), and my mind must be in the right frame (it helps to be a touch angry). I like to cue up some motivational music (quite often containing lyrics about death…bonus if there’s gunshots) and go over my route and paces.

And then? It’s execution time. I warmed up for a mile and then aimed to run one mile at 6:50 and then cool down but I felt so damn good that I kept going. I couldn’t fit more than four miles in that day as I had to rush to pick up Katie from dance so I wonder if I had more miles in the tank!!!

Rain was on tap for the weekend but Saturday morning was dry so I took Katie and Callum to a new park and had some goofy time there before the rain started. Callum is getting his hair cut today, so these will be the last pics of his shaggy ‘do!

I love this one of Katie, and I love that this zipline has a seat rather than a handle to hold onto. My arms are never strong enough!

Callum liked playing in the firetruck more than the zipline.

The park was empty so I thought I’d have a go at it too. Although, I would have done it anyway. Who am I kidding?

I ran 10 miles in the rain that day and had to make a few bathroom stops in the grass along the side of the freeway. NOT my best run. The next day, on Sunday, Callum woke up at 6:20! Why so early? I had to drop off the fetal doppler in a city about 45 minutes away so I packed him up and we headed out after we picked up some Starbucks. I ordered 3 mini vanilla scones for myself and a morning bun for Callum but he didn’t want anything so I ate it ALL! And I even had toast before that, and cereal in the middle of the night! After I dropped the doppler off, we went to Babies R Us and picked up some things for the baby. I got a car seat on sale that’s compatible with the BOB stroller I got off Craigslist. I also bought a swaddle blanket (I’ve never tried those), some breastmilk storage containers, and then I let Callum pick out a toy. He was falling asleep on the way home so to keep him awake I went through a McDonald’s drive-thru and got him his very first Happy Meal. It’s garbage food, I know…but it’s the first Happy Meal he’s ever had and he’s 3 years old, so that counts for something, right? He ate it ALL.

He stayed awake, which earns me champion status because if he were to fall asleep then he’d be up partying until midnight rather than going to bed at 7pm.

I found this on Instagram last night and laughed and laughed. It’s so good.

That’s a wrap for last week! Thanks to Meghan from Clean Eats Fast Feets for hosting yet another Week in Review. This week is a super busy one for us with doctor appointments, and Jake is getting his wisdom teeth out on Wednesday. I need to sit down and organize/meal plan now and then of course, get out for a run at some point.

I hope you guys have a good rest of your day and a great first week of May! Bring on the sun!!!

Have you finished your taxes?

Do you own a fun pair of socks?

What is your pre-tough workout routine?


Mileage Monday

I logged (appropriate term, as you’ll see below) 73.7 miles this week. Yay, me! I also did a bunch of strength work 3 times. Single leg dead lifts, bicep curls, overhead something or others, lunges, side planks, stuff like that. Here’s how the running went down:

Monday– 6 miles with the stroller and then 5 miles after the park on the treadmill while Callum had quiet time.

Tuesday– I woke up at 6 and ran 5 really slow miles outside before anyone else woke up. Then later on when Callum had some quiet time, I ran 5 miles on the treadmill as a way to clear my mind and re-boot the emotional tank for another couple of weeks straight with all the kids!

Wednesday– I got up early and got 7 miles in before Callum even woke up! Then finished it off with 3 easy miles in the afternoon. Keeping the pace at around 9 min/miles.

Thursday– I pushed Callum in the stroller for 5 miles this morning and then Andrew and I hit the road for a hilly 5 miles into the sunset after I got Callum to sleep!

Friday– I ran a super slow 6 miles this morning listening to an amazing podcast episode (Lindsey Hein interviews a lady named Rachel who is a recovering alcoholic who just ran her first marathon) and then I headed out for 4 miles in the afternoon sun with the goal of hitting one mile at 6:50 min/mile pace but I felt so good that I did 2 in a row (6:43 and 6:47) with a warm-up and a cool-down mile.

Saturday– So, this run didn’t happen until 2pm which I now know is a terrible idea because I either hydrate and eat and then spend my entire run trying not to soil my shorts or I don’t eat or drink anything and then put me and my baby’s life in danger, or at the very least, feel like shit. This particular run involved the former scene, and thank goodness I remembered to pack a little bit of toilet paper into my pocket because I had to drop my shorts and do the second public poo of this pregnancy.

Sunday– A long run with Lora! Today’s run was MUCH better than yesterday’s. PHEW! Two pee breaks, but no emergencies or public poo. No idea our pace, but we logged our usual route of 12.7 miles. Don’t you love Lora’s shirt? She’s making a funny face here but her shirt is what counts. Oh, and her legs. CHECK OUT DEM LEGGIES!!!!!

Last time you’ve done a public pee? How about a public poo?

Did you work out last week? Did you know that if you want to use the term “work out” as a verb, it’s two words, and the term “workout” as a noun is one word? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. DON’T CONFUSE THEM.

How shocked are you guys that I not only ended my weekly mileage on an odd number, but a DECIMAL TOO?



A Day in the Life

Tuesday, April 24th, 2017

I woke up at 5:57am and decided to get up and get a move on. I came downstairs, brewed a cup of coffee and worked on computer stuff while I downed the good stuff. Had my very important poo, and got dressed for a run. Took one last much needed albeit quite pathetic wee and headed out to the great outdoors for an extremely slow 5 mile run.

I came home to a very enthusiastic 3 year old demanding breakfast, and so while his sprouted flax bread was in the toaster, I whipped myself up a smoothie made of spinach, cauliflower, raspberries, an orange, a cup of kefir and enough unsweetened vanilla almond milk to make it drinkable.

Once I showered and got dressed, I arranged some snacks for Callum and his friend to have while his mom held up the fort while Andrew and I went to our detailed ultrasound appointment. The boys got along so well! Thanks Tammy!

The ultrasound appointment was fun! The baby looks healthy and was so active that the technician had a hard time catching some still shots, but here’s an adorable profile pic:

I know it might be hard to see, but to me, this baby’s profile looks exactly like Callum’s!

After the scan we headed home, scooped up Callum and headed out for some lunch. After lunch, I finished my run on the treadmill while Andrew went to work for a bit. Callum was tired from the morning and was happy to chill on the couch with some chocolate milk. I came in, had a shower, and made blueberry muffins for the kids. I used this recipe and they’re really good!

I brewed some coffee, ate a couple of cookies and worked on my Week 21: Pregnant and Running post. Then the kids came home and Callum was so happy to see Katie again that he followed her around everywhere while I started dinner.

I made some sort of makeshift Thai chicken noodle veggie dish with peanut sauce and crushed peanuts, but the rice noodles turned to mush. It nearly put me into a red rage. I would have lit the whole pan on fire but the noodles were too wet and soggy to go up in flames anyway. I HATE COOKING. I pre-cooked butter chicken for the next night which made the house smell like a heavenly Indian armpit. I took a photo of the butter chicken but it kinda looks like vom. But you’re curious, aren’t you? I don’t judge. Here you go, you awesome sickos:

After dinner and clean-up, I put Callum in the bath and while he was having his grand old time, I did some strength work beside him in the bathroom. I tweaked my right butt cheek doing single leg dead lifts, so I quit straight away and favoured it for the rest of the night. I put Callum to bed at 7:30, brought the Macbook up to our room with a water bottle (lame) and settled in for my Skype interview with a journalist from New York! Susie told her to connect with me for a running and pregnancy/fertility article she’s working on. She was super nice and it was such a great conversation. I got really excited about the forward movement in prenatal exercise education. Yay!

Andrew and I had snacks (I ate a muffin with butter and jam, a chocolate chunk cookie and a huge glass of chocolate milk), took a Tums, and went to bed at around 10. Fairly early night, but we needed it. If I don’t eat before bed then I’m up in the middle of the night eating cereal, guaranteed. Sometimes both.

Do you have a bedtime snack? Or do you avoid eating for a certain amount of time before bed?

How in the HELL do you cook rice noodles so that they don’t turn into a sticky glob?




Pregnancy Essentials

Since this isn’t exactly my first rodeo, I thought I’d gather together some things that I refer to as my pregnancy essentials: the items that have stood the test of time, and time, and time, and time, and time again. At this time, on this exact date in April, seventeen years ago, I was pregnant with my first. Now? Quite frankly, I’ve lost count. Good thing my kids are right up there with ice cold Coronas and a bag of Sweet Chili Heat Doritos. <3 They know I love them, because they know how much I love Mexican beer and carcinogenic orange powder chunks drenched in hydrogenated oil and corn syrup solids.

However, pregnancy is a time for pumping the body full of the good stuff. Well, I guess that’s why I keep getting pregnant. What I mean is, now is the time to avoid alcohol and junk food and instead lean toward the leafy greens family. And when you just can’t choke it down, stick a cup of frozen baby spinach into a blender with ice cream, strawberries, chocolate syrup and whatever else you can think of and obliterate the jesus santa god out of it and then chug the damn thing. You won’t taste the spinach at all–you have my word.

Pregnancy Essentials #1: Frozen baby spinach

Now, the next item on my list is not an option for me because the folic acid in these bad boys is so frigging important to the development of our babies brains and spinal cords. The biggest struggle for pregnant mamas is choking down prenatal vitamins during the first trimester because they tend to set off the nausea a bit, but ironically, the first trimester is THE MOST IMPORTANT TIME to get these bad boys down the hatch. I’m the most nauseous during weeks 6-11, so during those weeks I take my vitamins at night. I’ve tried a lot of different kinds, and these have been the ones that have been the easiest on my stomach. I have not been constipated once (prenatal vitamins are known to cause constipation) so I definitely recommend them to the rest of the pregnant party people.

Pregnancy Essentials #2: Sisu Multi Expecting prenatal vitamins (and extra vitamin D because we live in a stupid ass climate)

Here’s the info on the back of the prenatal vitamins:

So, stretch marks. Right? Everyone freaks out about those. It’s totally hereditary, and it’s also dependent on how big you get and how rapidly you get big. It’s not a glamorous equation, but it’s real life. No amount of oil or lotions or magic potions will prevent you from getting them, but you bet your sweet little bump that I’m going to try. Plus, anytime I have an excuse to rub myself down with something luxurious, I will do it.

Everyone in the whole wide world over all time forever and ever has always recommended Bio Oil. I have some, and it’s great, but it smells a little bit like my grandmother. Here it is just in case you’re curious:

But I like Burt’s Bees Baby oil, myself, just because it smells so much better.

Pregnancy Essentials #3: Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Baby Oil

You know you’ve got a well-loved product when there’s a hair stuck to the side of the bottle.

I don’t own any maternity pants yet and I’m going to do my best to avoid them, which may actually work because we’re entering into the summer months and I’ve been able to get away with wearing my Lululemon leggings a lot so far. “A lot” is an understatement; I live in them. One thing about me is that I haaaaaaate the under-belly waistbands when I’m pregnant. I have an irritable uterus and anytime there’s anything digging in, my baby house starts contracting. But you can also wear these pants folded over too, if you like the low rise maternity style.

Pregnancy Essentials #4: LuluLemon Wunder Under Hi-Rise Pant

Worn high…

Worn low…

Just make sure your underwear isn’t riding above the pants. Ha!

For running, these shorts have been EVERYTHING to me. Now, I’m not sure exactly which Nike style they are but they’re either the Nike Flex or the Nike Rival. Both have a super soft, super wide waistband that does NOT dig in, that does NOT roll over and does NOT chafe. There’s a zipper in the back for gels toilet paper, and a drawstring at the waist for the first trimester. At around week 12, I went out and bought a size up in 2 different colours and they’ve been magical.

Pregnancy Essentials #5: Nike Rival running shorts

And because I do not want to taste my food twice, Tums.

Pregnancy Essentials #6: Tums

Now I know I’m forgetting something so if I remember, I’ll make sure to add onto this list in a future post.

If you guys have been or are pregnant, what would you have on your list? If you haven’t been pregnant, what do you think you’d have on your list?

How are we supposed to spell Lululemon? Is it LuluLemon or Lululemon? It’s not two words, is it?