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Week in Review

I don’t have a clue what I did last week, or where I would begin writing a post for Week in Review hosted by Meghan from Clean Eats Fast Feets. I feel like I didn’t accomplish anything! I recall going to Kylah’s volleyball games, but I didn’t take photo proof. My good friend Christy came over on Monday night for wine and snacks; that girl is just so good for my soul.


I’m still eating a shit tonne of veggies. If it’s not a big bowl of salted roasted broccoli, it’s a huge salad or even a bowl of Amy’s veggies soup. Maybe it’s not as many veggies as you guys eat, but it’s 100% more than I used to consume! The God honest truth is that I used to go not just days, not just weeks, but MONTHS without eating a single baby carrot or banana. That is THE TRUTH. Crazy, eh? And the main difference I notice is in my fingernails. They used to be paper thin and brittle and now they feel like steel. Imagine how my new way of eating has affected other body parts and organs that I can’t see! Pretty cool.

Anyway, enough about that. I got some work done on my arm. Christy came in to keep me company (photo above) and then my sister Tracey stopped by to hang out for a while too! It was such a great day, and I’m thankful that Andrew was able to cover me while I took this time to myself.


If you’re curious about the turtle, you can read about it here.

Andrew got work done on his arm too but I don’t have any good photos of it yet. I’ll take some today!

We went to our counselor on Wednesday to talk about our inability to deal with conflict without completely losing our shit. Our counselor is the guy who married us, so we feel so safe in there with him and he helped us a whole lot in that hour of time we saw him. Maybe I’ll write about it later this week sometime. Thank you Kristen for babysitting Callum while we went for counseling!

Friday night was a bit crazy. Andrew was getting his ink done and so I had to pick up Kylah, drop her off at home, take Katie to dance, book it over to the tattoo shop to check out a sketch, make it back to Abbotsford to get Katie at 6 and then pick Kylah up at home and bring her to Chilliwack for her soccer game at 7. A lot of drive-thrus happened that night; good thing I had my veggies earlier that day!

We spent the day yesterday down at Whidbey Island to visit Andrew’s parents; they’re camping in their trailer there. To say Callum loves Grandpa and Grandma Slane is an understatement. He played hopscotch with Grandma:


And kept their kitty cat company in the trailer:


While Andrew and his dad worked on the juiciest burgers ever:


Another week has begun! Today is the anniversary of the day Andrew and I got all our kids and family together for our commitment dinner two years ago! We’re going to pull out the video sometime today and watch it. But first, I need to get out of my pajamas and brush my teeth.

Have you ever seen a counselor? Hate it or love it?

What’s the coolest thing you did last week?

What’s the longest you’ve gone without eating vegetables?




Mileage Monday

I ran 64 miles this past week but I didn’t do my 5 mile tempo run at goal race pace, not so much because I had just raced the 10K but more because I just didn’t get the chance to do it. Even though I ran more than 60 miles, it still really felt like a recovery week.

Monday– Ugh. I pushed the stroller, which pulls to the left, 7 miles down and up and down and up the like most mountainous route possible in torrential rain and wind. It was so stupid. My right shoulder and neck are killing me from correcting the pull to the left.

Tuesday– I took my friend Laura‘s advice and did a progression run on the treadmill to make it go by faster. I started out at 6 mph and increased it by 0.5 every mile until I hit 6 miles, and then I ran at goal marathon race pace (8.8 mph or 6:49 min/miles) for 2 miles and then cooled down at 7.5 mph for 2 miles. My legs definitely felt tired from pushing hard at the race on Saturday.

Wednesday– I headed out super early and got 9 miles done while listening to a podcast. Listening to podcasts help to keep my pace slow for recovery. Then, I had 20 minutes to myself after I went grocery shopping, so I threw on some running shoes and took off like a bat out of hell for 4 miles. I didn’t have my Garmin but I’d guess I was running an average of 6:35 min/miles.

Thursday– Just a super slow slog of 8 miles in the dark morning rain.

Friday– I did 8 early this morning and then another 5 while Callum napped.

Saturday– I had nothing in the tank. Zero partying last night, and I even went to bed early and got over 8 hours of sleep! Sometimes we just have one of these runs. I wanted 8 but only made it to 3.5 miles before I said fuckit and turned around to come home for 7.

Sunday– Just a slow 6 miles in the morning before leaving for Whidbey Island for the day!

Do you guys listen to podcasts? Which one(s)?




A Day in the Lifey

This post is dedicated to Gretchen, my eyeliner twin, my fashion guru, my spirit animal.

I’ve done a few “Day in the Life” posts and yeah, I mean like, they’re great and everything in that they show how super productive (let me think it) I am. You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. We get up at 5am with a baby/green smoothie/sirens, chase it with a 5 mile run, a day of shitty work and cap it all off with a square of dark chocolate and a glass of red wine or pumpkin beer.


It’s 18 squares of light brown chocolate, melted onto a butter-slathered piece of white bread. One drink? My ass. We’re America’s Next Top Athletic Blogger if we stop at three.

This blog is called Suzy Has the Runs for a reason. This was my day today. Ready?

Wait. I need a glass of wine.

Okay. So I woke up at 7:15am, came down and poured myself a cup of coffee and worked on my book. I wasn’t hungry because Andrew and I ate leftover hot wings and pizza at midnight the night before and it was still making its way through my upper GI. I said goodbye to the kids and then went for an 8 mile run in the dark. I’m ovulating and for some reason whenever I ovulate it feels like I’m carrying a bag of rocks in my uterus. I swear if I ever get pregnant, I’ll end up with sextuplets. Running seems to cure all ailments, so I felt better when I got home. A bit hungry, I ate a bowl of roasted broccoli and chased it down with a hot mug of lemon water.

I did laundry, cleaned the floors, did dishes, and my 100 sit-ups. Then I removed all of my body hair from the waist down, and let Andrew know about it when he came home to pick up the gift basket he needed to bring to his clients. We both left the house at around 11, and I brought Callum to Starbucks for a coffee (for me: a tall Thanksgiving blend with cream) and a chocolate cake pop for the cute kid.


We ended up at the park, where my little Andrew lookalike ran laps like his mama and picked flowers for me. <3


Then we came home, I made lunch (a sourdough bun with turkey and cheese and a bowl of veggie soup) for Callum and I, which we both ate, but when we were done we needed something a little extra so we shared a bowl of Amy’s cheesies. I ate half a Mars bar, because I needed chocolate.

And then? This.


So at 1:25, I handed Callum my phone (he watches YouTube videos of God knows what) and I jumped back into the shower, slathered my body in coconut oil and slipped into my french maid outfit. Yeah yeah. We’re old AF but nothing stops us.

My Hollywood husband drove up and my heart pounded with excitement. OMG. So exciting. Best Thursday ever.

He came upstairs, and then……..



Not telling. But, whoa. I may have taken the Lord’s name in vain.

Callum needed a nap and Andrew had to pick Ethan up so I got the little guy to sleep, came downstairs and made some coffee. Then I made meatloaf like a good little mother of a zillion, popped some cookies into the oven and then put in the meatloaf once the oven was available.

Callum peed through his diaper AGAIN right through our sheets, mattress protector and mattress (WHAT THE FUCK IS THE MATTRESS PROTECTOR FOR IF IT DOES DICK ALL).

I gave him a bath, sopped up the pee with his shirt (it’s on Andrew’s side of the bed) and brought him downstairs, gave him a cookie and showed him Meghan Trainor YouTube videos (he loves her). The kids came home from school, ate their cookies, then had their dinner while I poured lime-infused Ceasars for my honey and myself. Andrew took Callum to Ethan’s soccer practice which leaves me here with my wine and gangster rap, writing an incriminating post that will traumatize our children and invite criticism from all sorts of people.


I just re-read this whole post and wondered a bit about maybe not publishing this thing.


Tomorrow is a professional development day for teachers which means our kids don’t go to school which means the liquor stores will be open late tonight.

This may be the wine talking, but I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while: Do you guys want to ask me anything? I’m pretty diligent in responding to comments, but nobody really asks me anything in the comment section. Our life is…lifey, and if I were you, I’d probably be pretty curious about a lot of things! Is there anything you want to know? Ask me!



Sex Without Benefits

Fresh sheets on the bed, skin warmed by the shower, the scent of soap caught in droplets of water rolling off our bodies. Collapsing into each other, he fitting into me, my sighs finding light in all the right places. And then? Twenty seconds away, and Callum shows up at the side of our bed.

There he is, our sweet little boy, bottle in one hand, his stuffed dog in the other as he looks up at us with wide eyes.

Stop it,” he says. His command is unnecessary, as it was more over in that second than if my Grandma Hutchins showed up holding a Bible and a package of her frostbitten ginger chocolates.

Andrew called the next day at around noon, and I scrambled to answer the phone, still wearing my pajama pants and a pink unicorn tee that says “I poop magic.”


Hey, do you need the MacBook?” he asked. “I need to swing by home and pick it up so I can look up some properties.”

Oh yeah, for sure,” I replied. “Just to warn you, I’m super gross. I’m in the middle of cleaning bathrooms.”

Oh.” Andrew sounded disappointed. “I was thinking we could have a little fun over lunch break. How about you quickly jump into the shower?

He had barely finished his sentence before I started flinging my clothes into the hamper with my toes so that I could get all clean and fluffy. While Andrew walked through the door, I thundered down the stairs to give Callum my phone and a mini chocolate bar to keep him busy for the next little while.

Hands through hair, fingers in mouths, my right leg creeping up his left side, his hands cupping my face, we collapse into a heap onto our bed…into the exact same spot that I use to change Callum’s poopy diapers.

I keep the moaning constant to avoid the buzzkill while my eyes scan for baby powder marks on the duvet cover, and then I remember that I had just washed the sheets that day as Callum had peed through his diaper onto the linens that very morning. Relaxing with the reassurance that my face is indeed pressing into a high thread count free of E.Coli, I let myself give into a wave of ecstasy, which is then interrupted by the shrill sound of the acoustic guitar ringtone on Andrew’s cell coming from downstairs somewhere.

DA-DYYYYY! PHONE!!!!” Callum shouts from the family room. I shake my head and murmur a sound that can only mean, “You take that phone call, and I stick your cell phone into the side of your neck.” And then Andrew’s phone rings again. And again.

It sounds like an emergency,” I admit with defeat. He flies down the stairs, grabs his phone from Callum and sees that it’s the middle school that has tried to call. Worried, Andrew calls the school and finds out that everything is in fact, fine. And then Wendy (his ex wife) calls, so he answers, of course, because we don’t know what the fuck is going on.

Andrew is standing stark naked in the kitchen with his wiener stuck out like a derailed train as he talks to his ex wife about absolute fuck all, while Callum stares up at us with chocolate smeared cheeks, my phone in his hands, while I’m leaning up against the counter contemplating the idea of putting on my running shoes and hitting the treadmill for a tempo run while I’ve got some available childcare.

Andrew gets off the phone with Wendy, I hand Callum another 450 calories worth of carcinogenic oil product and we head back upstairs to resolve our unfinished business.

Is it even going to work after all that?” I ask him.

It worked.

Andrew and I have a lot of faults. We go through a lot of shit. We are complete fuckups in the worst ways, but? Somehow, we make it work.






CARES 10K Race Recap

I have to say something right now, and maybe I’m whispering it in a dark corner by the bathroom in a seedy pub because it’s easier to act shifty in those conditions, and so once I type it out, and once you read it, maybe just try and forget it in the morning. But, here’s the thing:

I really really really loved running that 10K race. Maybe even more than the marathon. Shhh…


Irene, the race director for the CARES run did an excellent job at organizing this race down to every little detail. There were a tonne of volunteers along the course, and the course was clearly marked and accurate. Afterward, the food (variety of pizzas, scones) and drinks (coffee and teas) were well-organized and held within the warmth of the clubhouse on site.


The course consisted of 2 loops of 5km of both paved pathways and trail. Because of our high winds, we even had some technical bits where we had to dodge tree branches and ankle deep puddles. There was even one part where we had to stop dead in our tracks, re-route around a fallen tree that crossed the main pathway, and get back on track.

So, before I went to bed the night before I ate a cinnamon bun with cream cheese icing and drank a huge glass of chocolate milk. I set my alarm for 6am, got up and had my coffee and poo. Yay! I didn’t eat anything though. At 7:30 I headed out the door for a 3 mile warm-up, came home and got dressed and ready to go. On the way to the race, I stopped at Starbucks and picked up a short dark coffee with cream. I stayed in my car for as long as possible, sipped my coffee and listened to music and then with about 10 minutes to the start, I peeled off my parka and headed over.

My splits went like this:

Mile 1- 6:26 (right on track for a sub-40 min)

Mile 2- 6:39 (suffered a bit for trying to hit a sub-40)

Mile 3- 6:33 (tried to hold onto a 40 min-something)

Mile 4- 6:32 (I might just be able to do the 40 min-something)

Mile 5- 6:46 (Now it’s all about not shitting my pants)

Mile 6- 6:39 (I just want this thing to end)

Mile .2- (Who knows?!?!)


I ran it in 41 minutes (gun time says 41:02, but my Garmin says 40:59). I came in first overall! Pretty sweet.


This race was the most organized (small) race I have ever done, and this is a huge statement to say something like that after running and racing for nearly twenty years.

If you’re local, come run it next year!

When’s the last time you went to a dark seedy pub? Did you get food poisoning? Did you get pregnant?

Andrew and I made out at Lou’s right outside the washrooms a few years ago when I was there with some friends and he was there for a work appointment. IT WAS SO HOT. And then Lora and I went to Lous right after I found out I was pregnant.

Would you rather get food poisoning or get pregnant?



Week in Review

Welcome to another Week in Review, hosted by my friend Meghan from Clean Eats Fast Feets. I first fell in love with Meghan because of her cat Oscar.


But then as I got to know Meghan, I realized that she’s not too bad herself. I’m not usually pulled toward the whole food blogger thing, but she inserts enough inappropriate material through her posts to keep me interested. Plus, the food she makes is dope, and easy to follow (even for those of us in toast burners anonymous). But, before you leave here and ditch me for a food blogger, here’s this week’s Week in Review:

It worked out that I had my side of the family’s Thanksgiving dinner on the Tuesday night rather than the actual weekend. Andrew had to work, but Jake brought his friend and roommate Isaiah, and my mom and dad were able to join us as well! As you can see, taking self-timed photographs is not my gift. Freddy was missing from this one…


So we squeezed Freddy (and the reflection of the sun on his face) into this one:


Just before the weather started to turn, I took Katie and Callum to the Apple Barn after school one day. Nobody was there, and it was SO MUCH FUN.





Once it got stormy, we stayed inside and kept cozy. Brandy has supernatural amounts of patience with Callum. She lets him tug on her whiskers, kiss her eyeballs and drive his cars and trains along her back.


I’m putting this picture in here because it gives me all the big feels. Callum pushes our heads together and tells us to kiss and hug. And when we’re snuggling, he just stares up at us and smiles from his guts. One night I had climbed onto the futon with Andrew to cuddle and I guess Callum started snapping pictures of us with my phone and this is one of them:


Lora and I used to race together quite often but in the last few years, we both trimmed down the number of races we do. Lora focuses on a trail race around Cultus Lake held every October. It just so happens that the 10K CARES run landed on the same day as her trail race, so we had fun “getting ready” together on Saturday morning. We sent pictures of ourselves (not showing those ones lol) and texted each other all sorts of… inspirational messages.


I think we decided that we need to run a race together one day soon. The last race we ran together was the Fort Langley Half in July 2011 where we finished a couple minutes apart. That was over FIVE YEARS AGO! This has to change.

The race went really well on Saturday! I am posting a recap tomorrow.

The change in weather has brought in a few viruses, so we’re just trying to get lots of sleep. I’m still cooking and eating veggies like a champ and chasing them all down with gallons of water. I’ve honestly never felt better. Keeping up with my 100 push-ups has helped my core so much too. It’s amazing how the little things like this can make such an impact on our lives!

Do you like racing with friends or would you rather race on your own?

Americans—do you guys have big plans for Thanksgiving? Which weekend in November is it? Why do we have two different Thanksgivings?



Mileage Monday

Hey guys! I collected 65 miles this week and you know what? I just feel so right about lowering my mileage from 80-100 miles per week to 6o mile weeks because I am still able to hammer out similar race times on the lower mileage as I did when I was logging crazy amounts. It’s SUCH a great feeling, plus? I get to recover with more ease and speed than I did when I was running way more.

Monday– Got up, ran 10 miles, got it done.

Tuesday– I couldn’t sleep much this morning so I got up at just around 6 and did some work on my book and then ran 6 miles in the freezing cold sunrise. Then…. I had some bees in my bonnet so I ran 6 miles pretty hard on the treadmill when Callum went to sleep. I ran 7:30 min/miles and then for the last 2 miles I ran it at goal 10K race pace (6:26 min/miles).

Wednesday– It was kind of amazing. I hopped on the treadmill at around 7:15, after I had my coffee, made breakfast, and got the kids’ lunches together. I only shot for a 3 miler as I figured Callum would wake up by then and need me, but he slept until past 8! So I fit in 7 treadmill miles. It was so great to get it done early. I ended up pushing him for a 3 mile stroller run later on in the day just because it’s the last sunny day here for a long time. Race day on Saturday calls for torrential rain.


Thursday– I did 3 miles this morning and then 4 while Callum napped.

Friday– 5 early miles in the wind. A storm is a-comin’.

Saturday– I think I squeaked in under 41 minutes (waiting for the chip time). 3 warmup miles beforehand.


Sunday– I felt like running a bit longer, so I took off for a 12 miler. Three miles up, then 6 miles at a bit of a tempo pace (7:20 min/mile average) with 3 miles down.

Do you shave your legs? Wax? Let the hair grow? Tell me your routine.



At some point, we all come unglued. I remember Katie, when she was about five years old, completely lost her shit as she thrashed around her room, wailing and kicking, the snot mixing with the tears, her pain turning into confusion turning into exhaustion.


Honestly? I didn’t know what to do with her. I stood in the doorway of her room and stared, my mouth agape, my brain empty. Maybe the animal in me knew what to do because before I could really think about it I found myself on my knees beside her, my heart hunting for my daughter’s survival. She fought me, ohhhh she fought me hard. But my love was bigger.

I pulled her onto my lap, wrapped my legs around her hips, my arms around her chest and waited until she exhausted herself. When she finally stopped thrashing, she sunk into me, sobbed quietly, and then she finally just let me hold her.

Love isn’t neat and tidy. It doesn’t end in even numbers, it doesn’t have labels and it doesn’t fit smoothly into colour coordinated blueprints; love excavates comfort. It’s slick with sweat, it’s solid like steel and scenty from the heat of it all.  Love begs us to sink to our knees and then love asks us to get back up already.




The third and potentially most powerful storm will approach the coast on Saturday. This low pressure system will be accompanied by very strong winds and heavy rainfall” (quote taken from The Weather Network).

Oh joy, oh bliss. It’s going to be a wet race. Actually, I can handle rain; it’s the wind that pisses me right off. Well you know what? We just have to be stronger than the wind out there. Let the wind push me around because I’ll push back harder.

Here’s a picture of Callum and I yesterday:


We’re going to look a lot different on Saturday! Katie is coming with me to the race to watch Callum while I run. The cool thing about the route is that it’s two loops of 5km on a path that circles Exhibition Park out here in Abbotsford so they can see me at least twice within 40 minutes. If you’re in the area, you should sign up! Even if it’s raining, the course is still a great one.

My goal is to use these 6.1 miles as a goal marathon race pace tempo run which would be 6:51 min/miles which translates to a 42:34 10K time. I think I can do better than that, though. My A goal is sub-40 (not going to happen) so my B goal is to get in under 41 minutes.

I’m not sure what I should wear. Any suggestions?



Do Not Go Gentle

Today I finished putting every single bit of my writing into the document I’ve got labelled “My Book.” It’s got over 120,000 words in 223 pages. Great, right? NOW WHAT?

I obviously need to pare it down, then add some quality material before I start the editing process. I still have so many stories to tell, you know? I feel like I’ve been tiptoeing around the landmines of social acceptance for fear of pissing anyone off. But then just recently I read a quote by Anne Lamott (my favourite authour and my inspiration for starting a book of my own).


Now don’t assume that I’m going to start tattling on everyone like a cold bitch. In fact, quite the contrary; I’ll be writing more transparently about my own life in a way that shows just how much of a twat I really can be. Because, while I’d love to showcase the lovely bits, the purpose of my book is to use my stories to help people.


And so in my book, I am going to be sharing a bit more of my darkness.


Who is your favourite non-fiction authour?

Have you ever read anything by Anne Lamott?

She’s so great!