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Mileage Monday

What a week! I have to say it’s a lot harder to be motivated to exercise when I can’t run, however, I’ve got my father’s tenacity and my mother’s dedication, so… I’m… really obsessive. But hey, it works.

The week started out alright but then it took a turn for the amazing once we had the ultrasound that showed not only a healthy baby in there but a big healthy baby in tharrrr. Finding out this information leaves me with three conclusions:

  1. All this healthy eating is paying off
  2. My baby likes mileage
  3. I better have him a couple weeks early or I will no longer have a vagina and an anus; I will have a vag-anus.

I started out on the bike and then finished on my feet (25 miles of running…all crammed within the last 3 days). Here’s how it went down:

Monday– 60 minute bike ride, and then all my strength stuff.

Tuesday– Another 60 minutes on the bike. La la la la la la. No strength work today.

Wednesday– 30 min bike, 3 mile walk, strength

Thursday– 60 min bike

Friday– We had the ultrasound and the baby is BIGGER than what’s typical for his gestation, so off I went for a 3 mile run! I dragged Andrew with me.

Saturday– Wadaabam. Andrew took Callum with him to drop his two kids off down at Whidbey Island so I had a few hours to myself again! SO I RAN! Because the baby is a good size and everyone can eff right off. I did 15 miles at a 9 min/mile pace. My left foot is a little tender (not surprising) so I’m icing it and hoping it stfu.

Sunday– Well, for the first time in forever, I didn’t wake up hungry today, but I didn’t start running right away so by the time I got on the treadmill and clocked a couple of miles, my stomach started growling. So I hopped off at 3.5 miles, ate a bunch of food and then ran 3.5 miles in the afternoon. I ran out of time for strength work; I’ll do it tomorrow for sure.

What was your week like? Do you have any niggly injuries?


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My Pregnant Running Diet

Okay, so there are a tonne of photos and I don’t want this post getting too long because nobody has time for that. Basically, all these things below are things I consume on a daily basis while pregnant. Let’s grow this baby like the Hulk, and then have him early so I can get on with my sub-3 training plan, right? Ha ha ha! If only life worked that way, eh? Here goes:

I usually eat a bowl of this cereal in the middle of the night:

In the morning after my coffee, I will have a bowl of overnight oats (made with oats, chia, hemp protein powder and flax) topped with milk chocolate chunks or chips and frozen raspberries. I heat it all up in the microwave, stir it together and usually top it with coconut whipped cream.

Once I finish all that, then I start drinking all the water. I drink 2-3 L of water per day and always out of these tall Starbucks glasses with a straw. I’ll drink one Starbucks sleeve of water (about 500mL) and then let everything digest. Once I’ve finished my pee marathon, I will exercise, and then once I’m finished working out I will drink a green smoothie. Now, this particular green smoothie tastes like a farm animal’s ass, but I don’t really care because I’m so thirsty after I work out that I just chug the damn thing. All it is is frozen cooked cauliflower (I can’t digest raw cauli) and frozen raw baby spinach (life hack: use frozen spinach in your smoothies to avoid the stringy bits).

I count this toward my daily water consumption because I blend it all up with another 500mL of water.

I always take my vitamins and iron supplements with my green smoothie.

After I shower and get sorted out, I’ll grab some raw veggies, some treats, and another 500mL of water to take with me in the van (this is usually when we run errands or go to the beach or something). I’ll also feed Callum some lunch and I’ll snack on whatever I’m making him, and I’ll eat whatever he doesn’t eat including his sandwich crusts. I always have a bar of chocolate in the fridge, so I’ll break off some of that and eat that then too.

I made these energy balls, and they’re so good to snack on as well. I just mixed almond butter, oats, flax, maple syrup and chocolate chips, rolled them into balls and froze them.

I’m usually starving when we get back from wherever we were, so at around 3 o’clock I will make this wrap. I eat this wrap every single day, sometimes with a veggie burger in it, sometimes not. It just depends on how hungry I am and what we are having for dinner later.

With my wrap, I drink cold red raspberry leaf tea. It’s supposed to help tone the uterus for delivery! I brew a pot of it and then pour it into my thermos and refrigerate it until I need it. The thermos lasts me 2 days; it fills the Starbucks water glass twice. I also count this toward my daily water intake.

I’m not a big supper eater, so I tend to just nibble on some cucumbers or watermelon at the table while the kids eat (usually in shifts) and then once Callum goes to bed, I’ll have the good stuff. I love cheesies, and I found an organic white cheddar kind that I love (I don’t have a photo–I’m sorry) and I’ll mix them into a bowl with salted peanuts and fishy crackers and I’ll have that with more water. I always have dessert, and my favourite lately has been a double chocolate chip cookie warmed up in the micro, topped with ice cream and chocolate chips. Or sometimes, like last night, Andrew will order us pizza and wings or Indian food and we will eat that later on too although honestly, I really don’t like eating meals at night. My body feels so pregnant by then and so damn full of baby that there’s just no room for food. This is probably why I eat cereal in the middle of the night, and it’s fine with me because it works.

There. Whew. That was exhausting.

What do you guys think? I’m a bit of a champion, eh? You all KNOW my nutrition will go right back into the shitter once this baby is born!


Pregnant and Running: 33 Week Update

Hey guys! It’s getting real around here! I stopped running because my doctor is concerned about the growth of my uterus and so I only got to 29 miles last week before I had to throw in the towel. If you’d like to read more about what I’ve been doing instead, the link to my Mileage Monday can be found here.


I have to say though that about two days before my OBGYN told me to stop running, I had been feeling a pinched nerve shoot down my right leg starting in my groin and when I started feeling that, I had already been thinking that maybe this was the beginning of the end. My left leg has been numb for a long time, but zero pain. This was definitely different and very uncomfortable!

My body is also doing its thang as far as getting ready for labour and delivery. I’m one of those people who labour for weeks and then go into the hospital at 4cm dilated. If you don’t know what that means, I’ll explain. Gretchy, this is for you. In fact, I’ll call them Gretch notes instead of Coles notes.

Before I had kids, when I heard people talk about getting dilated, I totally assumed it was the vag that was actually getting big AF. It’s not. What’s actually being dilated is the cervix. The cervix is the thing that looks a bit like a donut hole and it’s at the end of the vagina hallway. It’s like a stop sign that says, “Hold up, homeboy.” Contractions are the muscular uterus flexing against the cervix, prying it open bit by bit until it’s open enough for the delivery of a baby. The rule is that a 10cm diameter is the magic measurement for the cervix to be at before the baby can pass through.

The contractions that cause the cervix to open from 0-4cm dilated is called early labour. Some women sprint through those 4cm like Bolt and some women work through it over the course of weeks. That’s me. What does that feel like? Lots of Braxton Hicks (my uterus is flexing but without the regularity of real labour), lightening crotch (it feels like bolts of lightening shooting up my vagina), and just general laboury symptoms (the feeling you get when you are about to have your period). I know by now that these things can go on for weeks, so I just need to hang tight <— I’m a comedian and take it day by day. I haven’t had a preterm baby and so the chances are low that I will the fifth time!

I gained half of a pound since last week which brings me to 139.5lb, a 16.5-19.5 total weight gain. My OBGYN is happy with my weight gain, which is nice. She’s just worried about my measurements, but I know that this baby is huge, and that I just don’t have the body that shows it.

Here’s an example. My friend Lora is 5’2, and I’m nearly 5’7, okay? So we stand side by side and our hip bones match up EXACTLY. A long torso much, Suzy? Yeah. My torso is nearly five inches longer than hers. No wonder I look weird when I run. I’m like a T-Rex. Because I don’t have a long torso, I don’t easily store fat on my belly–it ends up elsewhere. So if the doctor is measuring the outside of my abdomen, feeling my uterus at the top of my fundus or whatever it’s called, then the measurements are a lot closer to my actual uterus than probably most other women’s uteruses, so we’re going to lose some distance in there, folks. Am I right? Or am I crazy for analyzing this to death? Don’t answer.

The ultrasound is on Friday, and I promise you that the baby will not only be healthy but will probably be bigger than what’s expected for that gestation. I just know these things. And then hopefully I can get right back to running like a maniac, as long as my sciatic nerve behaves itself.


I can’t wait to kiss his sweet little face. I love him so much, you guys!

Do any of you have a long torso? Have you ever had to buy those one piece bathing suits for long torsos?

How tall are you?

If you were to gain weight, where does it go first?




Mileage Monday

Well, as you guys probably know, the week started off on the right foot and then after my OBGYN appointment, ended up with my feet in the pedals. I received so much advice and I heard so many other women’s stories of their own pregnancies and how they measured small too and their babies turned out larger than normal, but I still wanted to err on the side of caution and play it safe.

Because I run for my mental health more than anything else, my friend Susie advised me to keep up some sort of routine to keep my anxiety at bay. She suggested I walk, but I know myself WAY too well–if I get out there for a walk, it’ll turn into a run. So I opted for the stationary bike instead and just took it really easy. For the first time in forever, I took my pulse and it never went over the 120 range. In fact, it never even hit 120. But having that set time for myself and my mind, to move my body and listen to music and sweat a bit, really helped me adjust to not running. Thankfully we have a stationary bike set up in the garage so I wheeled it over next to the treadmill and set up the fan right in front of my face!

This is what the week looked like:

Monday– This was so fun! I got up at 6am and ran a slow 8 miles and then because Katie got a new bike (off Craigslist) she was finally able to come with me while I pushed Callum in the stroller! She biked and I ran pushing Callum for 3 miles. I loved it!

Tuesday– I got up at 6 again after a rough night’s sleep (Callum ended up in our bed at midnight and I crawled into Katie’s empty bed at around 2am) and ran 6 slowwww miles, and then Katie watched Callum for me in the afternoon while I ran a swifter 4 miles (probably around 8 min/mile pace).

Wednesday– Well, the party’s over. I ran 8 miles at about an 8:30 pace this morning and then had my OBGYN appt in the afternoon. I’m still measuring small (28-29cm at 32 weeks) so no more running, and an ultrasound scheduled for next Friday. I know this baby is big, but I always carry small! But gotta be on the safe side.

Thursday– Since I can’t run, I decided to hop on the stationary bike. I never let my heart rate get over 120, I alternated cycling with weights and hip exercises, and drank a shit tonne of water. Yay, me.

Sorry to bore you all to death but I’m writing this down here for my own use:

15 min bike, level 6, 80-90 RPMs
Strength Circuit:
20 donkey kicks, 20 fire hydrants, 20 leg extensions, 10 bicep curls, 10 shoulder presses, 10 butterflies (I don’t know what they’re really called; I just make shit up)
10 min bike
Strength circuit
10 min bike
Strength circuit
15 min bike

Friday– I did the same circuit as yesterday except added 10 minutes to the bike to make it 60 minutes!

Saturday– I woke up early and hopped on the bike for 60 minutes, level 6, around 80 RPMs. It’s great because I can keep an ice cold water on the deep freeze right next to me and drink throughout the whole ride. I couldn’t do that on the treadmill because running irritated my bladder and made me have to stop and pee every 10 minutes! I didn’t do any strength work because my right bicep was sore so I decided to just toss it and do it tomorrow.

Sunday– Yesterday was a bit of an emotional meltdown day for me. Andrew saw that I needed a break so he decided to take Callum down to Whidbey Island for the day to hang out with his parents at their campsite just to give me some alone time. To say that I needed this is a huge understatement. I did some work for Andrew for a few hours in the morning but it was fine because I could get lost in my music and podcasts without having to worry about anyone else. I rode the stationary bike in the afternoon for 60 minutes and I skipped the strength work again. Whoops. Oh well.

I bought myself a Canadian Running magazine, and I’ve got a couple podcast episodes to catch up on, so I’m going to go sit outside now and relax!

How is your weekend going/was your weekend?

Do you guys still read magazines or have you completely gone to online stuff now?


A Pregnant Pause

Well, you guys, this is it. I had fully intended to write up a post on my daily eats, documenting the play-by-plays it took for me to keep up 60-70 mile weeks while growing a baby but alas, this little boy of mine had his own agenda, which, you know, isn’t surprising. At all. My life is pretty much one giant non-surprise that there are so many surprises. Nothing phases me anymore.

I think I had mentioned that I was measuring small at my last OBGYN appointment, right? At 30 weeks I was supposed to measure 30cm (from the pubic something or other bone to the top of my uterus) but I only measured 28cm. This week’s appointment at 32 weeks, I measured…28cm. Not good news. So my doctor booked me an ultrasound for next Friday where they’ll check everything and make sure the baby and his surroundings are ship shape.

I measured small in all of my pregnancies except Freddy’s, but only this small when I was pregnant with Katie. She was 6 lb 3 oz at birth but she was 3 weeks early so that’s not really too shabby of a weight. I measured 2 cm small with Jake, with Callum, and Callum was nearly 8lb at over 3 weeks early! So honestly, I have a very good feeling that this baby is a good size and the amniotic fluid levels are strong, but that my body just carries my babies small.


I stopped running. Until we get the results from next week’s ultrasound when hopefully everything will come back normal, I’m only going to ride the stationary bike for a bit each day and keep up my strength work. If the results come back normal that I’ll probably add some runs back in, but NOWHERE NEAR 70 mile weeks.

My diet is staying the same but I’m adding in even more water and more healthy fats and more protein. I’m cutting out my second cup of coffee (I have half a cup in the morning now and that’s it) and really getting in as many calories as possible without waiting until I’m actually hungry.

I’ll still do a food post, but I’ll save it for next week because this is getting too long. For now, it’s time to hang the running shoes.

If you miss my mileage and running talk, feel free to catch up by listening to my latest podcast interview! I had such a fun time talking with Rylee from the Man Bun Run podcast on episode 32. Here is the link!



Pregnant and Running: 32 Week Update

Okay, NOW I’m starting to hit a new level of freak-out because we are getting down to the end. OH BOY. I mean, I had Callum nearly 4 weeks early so I could have this baby in 4 weeks. WHAT THE WHAT?!?!? So I’m scrambling a bit, making lists of things I need to get done, things I need to stock up on, before the baby comes. Here are a few notes:

-organize clothes in bins according to sizes for postpartum body

-pack hospital bag

-get MacBook serviced before warranty runs out

-dye my hair

-order contacts

-assemble the Rock n Play and the swing

-Stock up on paper towel, toilet paper, laundry detergent, shampoo, conditioner, dish detergent, garbage bags (basically any bulky items that won’t fit into a grocery cart with a 3 year old and an infant car seat)

I’ve already washed and put away all the baby clothes, bought everything that I’ll need for the first few weeks (I’ll write up a separate post on that), and I cleared out our walk-in closet and turned it into a nursery (ha ha! living the dream!) so I’ll take some pictures and show you guys once it’s done (I need to make an Ikea trip first). I’m just really excited to meet this little boy!

I have my OBGYN appointment tomorrow (it’s every 2 weeks now) and I know that my uterus and baby are bigger than 2 weeks ago. I can really notice a difference. So I have no doubt that she will be happy with the growth and measurements and stuff.

As for how I’ve been feeling? Well, you know how I told you guys about how I had to make myself throw-up the plastic I accidentally ingested through my smoothie? Well I guess that triggered an onset of nausea because I threw up the day after that, and then the day after that too. I heard morning sickness can return in the third trimester so I’m not too concerned, and I’m already feeling better anyway, so that’s a relief. I should also write up a post on what I eat each day–it’s unreal how much healthier I eat while I’m pregnant. It almost becomes a game to me to see how many veggies and fruits I can consume. It feels SO GOOD. And I stopped drinking cow’s milk too, and I’m curious to see how it will affect me because I drank a lot of cow’s milk.

My indigestion is still really bad but that’s just how it will be until I deliver. I prop myself up with about 8 thousand pillows each night to sleep. My toes have started swelling a bit in the evenings, my hair is huger and thicker than ever, and my boobs are GIGANTIC. I feel like I have to provide my passport and my purpose for travel whenever I take off and put on my bra. I weigh 139 lb now, 5 lb less than I weighed at 32 weeks pregnant with Callum, but a solid 19 lb heavier than I was before this pregnancy got underway!

My running has been great! I hit 70 miles last week. If you’d like more details, here is the link to my Mileage Monday from my 32nd week of pregnancy.

Would you guys be interested in knowing what I eat on an average day while pregnant?

What about a post on what I think are the newborn essentials for surviving the first few months of parenthood?


Week in Review

It was our first full week of summer break! A nice, warm, bosomy thank-you hug to my opposite hair friend Meghan from Clean Eats Fast Feets who has most graciously hosted yet another Week in Review. <3

Oh, man…we’ve had such gorgeous weather here. It didn’t get above 30 degrees (about 84F) and no matter where we were there was always a breeze.

On Monday Andrew and I took Callum to the park by the dyke. He loves it there because he brings his trucks and sand toys and just plays beside us while we recline in our beach chairs. It gets fairly hot there but there was such a nice steady breeze so it was perfect!

It’s hard to fill up the days with things to do, especially things that everyone enjoys. It’s hard to find entertainment for both a 3 year old and a 15 year old. But, well, I bought paint. Freddy and Callum sat down together and painted up a storm. Can you guess whose paintings are whose?

Katie spent most of the week helping out at a local church camp for preschool kids. She’s an angel like that, however, she inherited some of my DNA because I was able to convince her to skip Friday and go to the lake instead. I took the kids and their friends to Cultus again and Callum made his own beach buddy.

One day while Katie was on angel duty, Freddy and Callum and I wasted hours of time and gas money driving out to the Apple store to return his earbuds that I got him for his birthday. They were $100! And this is the second time I’ve had to drive out there to return them! The right ear bud keeps crapping out. And then after all that they wouldn’t exchange them; I had to do it over the phone (a huge long process through UPS but whatever–it’s getting done). But we made the best of it and stopped by my parents’ house for a swim. Well, Katie and her cousin went swimming while Freddy and I visited my parents.

Have you guys seen the documentary, “What the Health?” OMG. If you love milk like I do, don’t watch it. I have to write a post just for this topic because I’m kinda freaking out about it. But anyway, I ordered a couple of cookbooks last week and I’m excited to get them and try out some new recipes! No, I’m not going vegan. I used to be all-or-nothing but I’ve swung back away from that mentality because it did me no good. I have to say though that I’m not going to be chugging a litre of (cow’s) milk every day anymore like I used to. BARF CITY. GAG ME WITH A TWELVE FOOT POLE. I made veggie “chicken” nuggets. I know, right? WHO AM I. More details in another post because this shit is getting long (TWSS).

Oh, speaking of vom, I made a green smoothie, chugged it, and then realized that I had obliterated a plastic bag and ingested the whole damn thing through my straw along with the spinach and cauli. Soooooo… I made myself throw up. I HAD TO. I got super anxious about it <—huge understatement and so I had to get it out of my body STAT. And so I did.


It was awful.

The weekend was pretty good. Callum had a couple of crappy night sleeps and ended up crashing on the futon under the front window right during the time that the gardeners were mulching and using chainsaws! That kid wakes up all night long but will sleep through that racket?! Incredible.

Have you ever eaten anything inedible?

Have you ever made yourself throw up?

Are you a heavy or light sleeper? What have you slept through?




Mileage Monday

Well, I ended up hitting 70 miles this week! I don’t go all that fast; I just sort of plod along. My belly is definitely growing to accommodate the hulk of a boy I’m brewing in there, but when I run it’s like I just feel lighter on my feet, or something. It’s hard to explain. Because I feel heavier and slower than normal (compared to how I felt while running before) but I feel lighter when I run now than when I come home and plunk myself down on the couch. Does that make sense?

Monday– What a lazy day! Callum FINALLY SLEPT until 8am! He got up at 4:45 but I brought him some milk and then he went back to sleep until 8. I got nearly 9 hours of sleep last night. I FEEL LIKE A NEW WOMAN! I didn’t run until nearly noon though. I did 4 miles on the treadmill at 8:30 min/mile pace and then 4 miles outside with Andrew pushing the stroller at about 10 min/mile pace. The problem with running too late in the day is I get a lot of Braxton Hicks from not drinking enough water.

Tuesday– Lora and I decided to get up at 6 and meet for an 8 miler before it got too hot. We averaged 8:30 min/miles and only one bathroom break! Thankfully Lora didn’t mind going a bit slower today because her new shoes gave her blisters. Later on, I felt so good and had so much energy that I pushed Callum in the stroller for 4 miles! I have been feeling amazing lately! It’s all this sleep I’ve been getting!

Wednesday– Well, this was a mish-mash. I did a slow 5 miles on the treadmill in the morning but it was pretty damn hot in the garage. I pushed Callum in the stroller for 3 miles after breakfast and that felt a lot better, and then Andrew and I walk/ran 3 miles together in the evening which was alright. It was good to be able to go with him although I felt pretty big and hot by that time of the day! I’m happy to get 11 miles total though. Can’t complain too much about that. If I can’t go fast, at least I’m keeping up some solid mileage.

Thursday– Just 8 morning treadmill miles at a 10 min/mile pace.

Friday– I started out on the treadmill and then finished pushing Callum in the stroller until I got to 9 miles. Nothing special.

Saturday– Well… I got it done. I was in an emotional funk today and ended up tossing the Chariot into the back of the van, I buckled Callum up into his carseat, blasted the air conditioning and just drove. We ended up in Fort Langley and even though it was CRAZY busy with weddings, I found the best parking spot! I took that as a good omen and unloaded the buggy, gave Callum his ice cold juice and headed out to the shaded trails for a run. He fell asleep so I ran 9 miles out there, just super slow, took it easy, and got my head on straight. I swear Fort Langley has magic powers!

Sunday– I wanted to hit 70 miles but didn’t want to overdo it so I started out with a slow 8 miles at 6am after a really good night’s sleep, and then a speedier 5 miler in the afternoon while Katie watched Callum! I feel great!

Do you guys have a special place you go to that seemingly has healing powers?

What do you typically have for breakfast in the summer?


Riding it Out

I’ve never ridden a mechanical bull, probably for the same reason why I struggle with watching shows like Shameless and Breaking Bad; I need an escape from my wild life, not more of it. But what I do ride, however, is my own personal pendulum. It’s a mindset of sorts that takes me from one extreme to another with the hope of one day settling down somewhere in the peaceful middle. That day has yet to come.

There was a time when all I lived for was to make everyone else happy, to make everyone else healthy, and to make everyone else love me. Fast forward to future Suzy, where IDidn’tGAF. A psychiatrist once told me that this is also called emotional burnout–where one has lost both hope and empathy. Thankfully, today, I can say that IDoGAF, but only after a process of establishing healthy personal boundaries.

Have you ever had to erect boundaries? There is nothing that will make us look more like a class A bitch than boundaries that appear out of nowhere. What used to be okay for others to do to us is all of a sudden not okay, and well, Others don’t like it very much. Others get mad. Others might leave. Bye, Others. Because chances are good that we’re flying way up high on our pendulum, cheeks pressed back from the velocity of the upswing, where everything that used to matter so much is now all of a sudden so small.

Being a bitch has its perks but it doesn’t suit me, not because I’m nicer than that but because I’m not young and hot enough for the role. I can’t deny my motherly heart, my pull to nurture and feed and the fact that deep down, sometimes deeper than is healthy, I have hope.

Have you ever ridden a mechanical bull? Is it something I really have to do, or can I pass?

Do you see yourself as a bitch? Do others? Why or why not?



Pregnant and Running: 31 Week Update

The weeks are FLYING by. I still can’t believe that I’m able to say this but I feel AMAZING. I mean, honestly, if I had to stop running today, I’d still be able to say that I ran like a rock star through most of this pregnancy and really, it’s a gift. Well, I work hard, I do, and so a large part of it is just knowing my body and having that solid fitness base but come on, let’s be honest–I’m a lucky bitch. Pregnancy is extremely touch and go, you know? Like, no–it’s not an illness but man can it ever turn into something that looks and feels like one pretty damn quick.

Alright, so Jake was overdue but that’s because they pumped my body full of anti-labour meds. Freddy was 2 weeks early (and a hefty 8lb 7oz), Katie was 3 weeks early (at 6lb 3oz) and Callum was nearly 4 weeks early (they had to induce me because I had bleeding issues and he was 7lb 12oz) so chances are pretty good that this little boy will come early too. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t already picked out the perfect delivery date. And yes, I’ve heard the quote that goes, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” Let’s just pretend that I have complete control over my life and assume I’ll deliver at 37 weeks. That means I have about 6 weeks left! Of my very last pregnancy!!! I’m going to miss this!

Here’s the good stuff: I gained a pound this week so I’m up to 138lb which is a 15-18lb overall weight gain. I ran 65 miles last week (check out my Mileage Monday post for more details) and although I was unable to run my goal of one mile at marathon race pace, I had some really good runs at sub-7:30 min/miles. The SI joint issue totally cleared up and I’m back to doing my strength work, which feels good too.

I can’t really complain much other than to mention that I still have maaaaaajor indigestion, which thankfully disappears the second the baby is born! Weird, eh? Sometimes when I’m running, my left leg goes a bit dead and my toes go numb and tingle but that’s been happening for several weeks now and there’s no pain associated with it and so I feel comfortable running through it and in fact it feels right to keep the joint mobile otherwise it feels all stiff.

Callum has slept really well for the last couple of days and man, do I ever feel good! A decent sleep makes all the difference. So far, the third trimester has been treating me well.

I think that’s about it!

Tell me what you guys want to know more about! What am I missing?