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Mileage Monday

I capped out at 55 miles this week, but I also added a few more strength workouts. On top of my 100 push-ups, I do 3 sets of 10 reps of 15lb weights of bicep curls, overhead shoulder presses (no idea what they’re really called) and butterfly thingies. I also do 200 squats! And a few sit-ups (they can be a little hard on my back, so I don’t go crazy with them like I used to). I said “hard on.” Ha ha! So great. Oh! And I do 60 of each donkey kicks, fire hydrants and full leg extensions. Running is tough to do with Callum around but all the other stuff I can do on my mat beside him while he plays, throws pillows at me, and climbs on my back.

Monday– Ah! I got a majorly huge sleep last night. Over 9 hours! I needed it, although sleeping in meant that I didn’t get my run done before everyone woke up, so I had to run while Callum was awake. I am potty training him, but I had to put his diaper on while I went to the garage because I didn’t want him to go poo and fingerpaint with it while I was running. I did 7 miles on the treadmill: 2 up at 7:30 pace, 2 tempo at 6:40 pace, 3 down at 7:03 pace. Then later, because the sidewalks are starting to clear, and when Andrew got home, I got outside for a 4 mile run on some hills. WHOA it was very obvious that I have not done hills in a very long time. Ouch.

Tuesday– I slept in again (whoops!) so I had to run (6 miles) on the treadmill again while Callum played beside me in the garage. I live a glamorous life. I also did some strength stuff (see above).

Wednesday– All I know is that when the weather warms up, I will undoubtedly have a renewed love affair for running. The treadmill is just not the same. I did 8 super slow miles early this morning.

Thursday– It is still frigid and icy out there, so I had to run 10 miles on the treadmill. I ran 7 miles at an 8 min/mile pace and then I did the last 3 miles in 7:30, 7:03 and 6:40. I also did strength stuff.

Friday– Through my whole entire 10 mile treadmill run, I only gave Callum my phone to play with for the last 1.5 miles. He played with his trucks beside me in the garage, rode his bike around, and dumped over a couple bins of garbage!

Saturday– Just a shorty 5 mile treadmill run, and strength stuff.

Sunday– A hilly 5 mile run outside. FINALLY! I sure can tell that I haven’t done hills in a very long time. My legs are treadmill-whipped. I have no doubt that my next few weeks of outside running (fingers crossed) will leave a bit of a (brown) mark.

I have to go grocery shopping tonight. What should I make for dinner this week, for two adults, two teenagers, a pre-teen and a 2 year old? I need some ideas.

What did you eat for breakfast today?

Our stupid freezer door was open a crack and all my frozen berries defrosted. It says on the bag to use right away once defrosted. Why? Why can’t I just keep them in the fridge and use them within the next few days?




Woven Through the Years

I love my mom. When I was a kid, I’d stealthily tiptoe into my parents’ room and I’d tap tap tap my mom on her left shoulder, my heart beating in my throat, and she’d stir. Groggily, she would open her eyes and gently ask me what I needed. “You,” I’d whisper. “I can’t sleep.”

Our feet would pitter patter across the hall into my room where I’d sheepishly climb into bed beside my cat Harley and I’d lay on my stomach, my face facing the edge of the bed where my mom would sit. She’d take a tissue and stroke it lightly across my forehead and while my body began to relax my mind fought back with the worry that she’d stop. Back and forth, back and forth the tissue would go. Back and forth, back and forth the tug of war between peace and worry swayed in my body until eventually, love would win and sleep came.

I love my dad. The things about him that pissed me off for so many years were the very things I’d see in my own reflection. I wanted to forgive him but it never worked until I first forgave myself. Now all I see is his gentle eyes, his pride for me, the way he holds his chest with his crossed arms, his right one a touch weaker from his stroke, as he throws his head back and laughs gregariously at his own jokes, out of my mouth–his daughter, like father, and it took me many years to be proud of that but now my love for that man is so huge that I swear it makes up for lost time the way a warm Spring breeze makes us forget the frigidity of winter.

Their zillionth wedding anniversary is next month. I’d be full of you know what if I told you that they set a great example of a healthy marriage, but I’ll promise you this: that when they read that statement I just made, they’re strong enough to admit it, and strong enough to love through it.

Love doesn’t always feel good. Love is messy. Sometimes love is downright ugly, but it’s woven through the fabric of a marriage that lasts this long.

Tiptoe, heart beating in my throat, back and forth, back and forth, gentle eyes, crossed arms, Spring breeze.




The Vegina Monologue

I think I’ve reminded you enough now how I’ve switched over from eating complete crap to eating vegetables and complete crap, and how I’ve done this every single day since that day, and that I feel amazing for it, and I haven’t even suffered much at all. In fact, and I clench my teeth as I admit this, I even enjoy the veg from time to time.

Is there anyone else out there that hates eating vegetables? But who wants to eat more of them because it’s the right thing to do? Like rounding up your grocery bill to support the local hospital, or picking up the gum wrapper that fluttered to the floor when you pulled out your car keys? Because I think I can help you. But before I go on and on like a pretentious old hag, I have to say a few things about food-pushing.

Food is cool and everything, but it’s just food. Don’t get so caught up in it that food owns you rather than you own food. If you’re trying to eat more veg, don’t waste time that could otherwise be spent drinking wine while organizing the crawlspace, or watching The Bachelor. You don’t need to pin 800 recipes of cooked broccoli. I don’t even want to write anymore about food because I don’t even want to give it that much space and time. IT’S JUST FOOD.

So, this is what I do:

Every single day, I commit to eating vegetables. Any other rules and I know I’d completely toss the whole veg thing to the curb. I don’t give a shit if they’re grown with pesticides in a patch of pot plants or if I eat them from a solar powered green house on top of a high rise in West Vancouver, sauteéd with beaver toenails and displayed on my plate like edible origami. I’ll buy a big bag of chopped up veggies from Walmart if I have to, and microwave them with little tap water for 3 minutes and drown them in Frank’s hot sauce.

I just do what it takes to get it down.

Another thing that works is stuffing it all into a tortilla and wrapping it up to eat it that way. This particular wrap includes herb salad mix, red peppers, red onion, crushed jalapeño chips, shredded cheese, and herb and garlic dressing.

If I get to the end of the day and I haven’t yet packed in some green stuff then I’ll whip up a green smoothie. Would I rather have a beer? Yes. A glass of wine? Even more. Which is why I usually eat my veggies early on in the day to get it over with. Green smoothies are great for right after a run because I’m so thirsty that I’ll drink just about anything. This smoothie has power greens, frozen blueberries, vanilla unsweetened almond milk and a big blob of fat free Greek yogurt:

Look how thrilled I am to be drinking this instead of what Callum so sweetly calls my wine: “Mommy’s juice.”

It’s not green because the blueberries dyed it purple. I love those wine glasses! I bought them last Christmas and they hold so much wine. Like, SO much. I can say I’m just having one glass, but in reality there’s 4L of wine in there. The same goes for la green smoothie. Green smoothie in on Tuesday night= green smoothie out Wednesday morning… if you know what I mean. It’s quite exciting.

And? If your life is super busy and you don’t feel like smelling up your kitchen like fart with cooked broccoli, there’s always the raw veg route. Now, I can’t eat raw broccoli for the life of me (right Jen?) but I can certainly nail down some baby carrots and celery sticks if I need to just get it done. I have to run them under warm water first though because I have super sensitive teeth. I have receding gums, which suck for sensitivity but make for some wicked horse impressions. My kids love it when I do that.

So there. No excuses. You don’t have to get all hipster with your food to eat your veggies. You just have to get ‘er done. If you know me at all, then you’ll know that if I can do it, anyone can do it.

Do you have receding gums? Sensitive teeth?

Do you specialize in any particular animal impressions?



Week in Review: Recovery

What a great week! I mean, there were ups and downs as there always are, but man, I just really felt whole this week. I felt balanced. I feel balanced and it feels so good. I mean, sometimes I love drinking too much red wine, hooping and dancing and staying up too late and then running too much, acting like an idiot, shit like that. We all need to get it out of our systems from time to time. But then it’s important for our internal pendulum to swing back from asshole and settle down into the middle for some recovery time. Otherwise, we uhh… we suck.

I’ll have you know that it’s Sunday afternoon right now and I’m typing this out alone, in our house, with nobody here. This concept is so sacred and rare that I dare not speak too much about it. It’s like how God wouldn’t let Moses see him directly or his eyes would burn or something. I need my eyes. Andrew is feeling a lot better, and I feel like he knows that I need some time alone to get my wits about me after the rough week we had last week. I take care of him, and he takes care of me. We’re a good team. Here is this week’s Week in Review care of my good friend Meghan from Clean Eats Fast Feets!

On Monday I got up early, drove Jake to work and then ran 11 miles on the treadmill. I cleaned the house, packed lunches for school and then picked up Katie from Jason’s. She and I spent the day reading books, and then we all went to bed early. HELL YEAH.


I woke up at 5:45 on Tuesday morning for fun. Because I like getting up early now. The alone time that I score during those dark coffee-drenched moments are everything, and I would sacrifice a little extra sleep and a decent poo for that anytime. I had my coffee and a KitKat for breakfast and then hopped onto the treadmill for a run. The rest of the day was so busy that when I took notes, I abbreviated all the words and now I can’t even read it. But here’s a photo of the lunch that Callum pretty much made himself:

I have no idea what I did on Wednesday.

Andrew, Callum and I went into Fort Langley on Thursday and got some lunch at my favourite place on earth (Wendel’s), and then I came home and did all the same shit that I did on Tuesday and Wednesday that’s too boring to type out. But I do know that I left the house wearing my Birkenstocks with my socks. Most people would turn around and go back home to change, but I am not most people.

Grandma and Grandpa Slane watched Callum for me for a couple of hours on Friday! It was heavenly! I got SUCH a great sleep that night, and I ran on the treadmill while Callum was with his grandparents so it worked out well. I brought Katie to dance in the evening and then drove her out to her cousin’s for a sleepover. Those girls are HILARIOUS. I can’t stop laughing at the video they made. I wish I could show you guys. I ate chocolates out of a tin we got for Christmas but I couldn’t find the legend so I decided to just give each chocolate a taste test. I didn’t stop until I tried every single one, and I didn’t get sick. Elevators give me diarrhea, but I can eat a hornet covered in hot sauce and be just fine; my stomach is like steel.

Then, Saturday was my 39th birthday! It was the best birthday I have had in a long time. I got up at 5:45 to drive Jake to work and he bought me a coffee. I was just so happy to see him on my birthday, to see him healthy, and happy. Because two years ago on my birthday, he was not in a good place, so just seeing Jake that morning made my birthday so great. Then I came home, had some coffee, snuggled Callum and then met Lora for an 8 mile run outside! It was so cold but I was so thankful to not be stuck on the treadmill again!

I came home, had a hot shower and climbed under the heated blanket on our bed to warm up. For Christmas Andrew bought me a gift card for the spa so I made the appointment for my birthday! I went and got a 75 minute relaxation massage. IT WAS EVERYTHING. Then I came home and my sister and her daughter brought over a lasagna and a bottle of wine! And Gretchen emailed me a Starbucks card, which was so sweet and made me feel so loved. Then grandma Slane came over to babysit and Andrew and I headed into Vancouver to have dinner at the Irish Pub we always go to on the water. The food was incredible as usual. I got a Ceasar, of course, on top of all the wine I drank beforehand.

I hate what I was wearing that night. I’m always cold, so I end up looking like a granny during the winter. UGH. Dammit.

I got up again on Sunday to drive Jake to work and then did an easy 6 miler on the treadmill. I finished all that before anyone was even awake! It was wonderful. Then Andrew took Ethan and Callum to run some errands while I did some strength stuff and worked on my book a bit more. I ended up doing my regular 100 pushups, 200 squats, a bunch of donkey kicks and fire hydrants, and a 4 minute plank. It was a little bit awesome.

Do you own Birkenstocks? 

I use them as slippers around the house.

If you got a gift card for the spa, what would you get?

Are you back into the routine of life after the holidays?





Mileage Monday

Hey guys! So, each week, I add an extra exercise onto my strength stuff. So, I’ve been doing 100 push-ups for a while now, and then about a month or two ago I started doing bicep curls (3 sets of 10x15lb) and that felt really good! So I’ve added on some other exercises too. I do this stuff about 3 times per week. I do push-ups nearly every day, but the other stuff leaves my body too sore to do too much. I did 100 squats once, and could barely get out of bed the next day.

As for running, I went up to 57 miles again this week, which felt really good.

Monday– I had to do these miles on the treadmill because it’s crazy icy outside. I did 9 miles pretty easy (7:45 min/miles) and then did the last 2 miles at 6:40 min/mile pace.

Tuesday– I got up early and ran 7 miles on the treadmill before the first day of school got started!

Wednesday– Callum woke up earlier than I did today so I had to run on the treadmill while he played on my phone and in the garage beside me. I did a hill workout: I warmed up for 10 minutes, then every 2 minutes I increased the incline by 2% until I hit 12% and then went back down to 0% again. I cooled down for a bit and then ran the last 3 miles at 7:03 min/mile pace.

Thursday– Callum woke up at 6 but I got him some milk and he fell back asleep so I carefully tip-toed out of the room and downstairs to get ready to run. I managed 8 miles on the treadmill before he woke up for real for the day!

Friday– I had SUCH a good sleep last night. We went to bed at 10 and I slept straight through until 7. I think it’s because we moved Callum’s bed over away from our bed, so he actually stayed in his own bed all night. YASSSSS. Grandma Slane watched him for a couple of hours today and I snuck an 8 mile treadmill run in while she had him.

Saturday– I got to run OUTSIDE! FINALLY!!! I met Lora and we ran 8 miles together. It was so cold and so windy, but we did it.

Sunday– After I drove Jake to work, I layered on the clothes and headed out for a run but the sidewalks are just way too icy so I had to turn around and finish on the treadmill. I ran 6 miles at an 8 min/mile pace while listening to Lindsey Hein’s podcast.

I thought squats target the glutes but when I’m doing them, it feels all quads, but then the next morning I feel it all in my glutes. WHY?

How do you keep your phone from turning off in the cold?




I wrote this post on Friday, December 30th, 2016

My sister Tracey went to Haiti for 3 months when I was about 13 years old and she brought back a bucket hat for me that read, “What’s Mine is Yours.” I wish I had kept it.

My ex-husband is getting married today, fifteen minutes from the very minute that I am writing this actually, to a woman who is everything that I am not. While I am obnoxious, she is gentle. While I am obsessive, she is easy-going. While I am loud, she is quiet. I dictate, she listens. I’m hard around the edges, and she’s got a soft nature. But we share one thing in common, that I know for sure, anyway. We both love my kids.

We both love my kids. Her kids. They’re ours, now, in 13 minutes. Holy shit, right? Wow, divorce is fun. A married couple figures out that they don’t love each other enough or in the right way or whatever it is that they figure out and then all of a sudden they give up rights to whomever gets to step into their kids’ lives. Sometimes, the stepparent sees the biological parent’s child(ren) more than the biological parent does. Can I hear another “holy shit?” Thank you.

So, here I am, 11 minutes until my kids get a new parent, and I’m hanging with Callum listening to Ray Lamontagne and eating cheesies, crumbs spilling down my shirt, dried bits of play dough stuck to my socks, and while yeah, I’m often guilty of saying positive shit that I only 75% mean just because of the whole “positive thinking makes happy people” philosophy but this time, just this one time, I swear, I’m going to say something that I 100% mean. Ready?

I like her. My kids like her, and they probably even love her. My Jake, the male cutout of my DNA, the kid that hates cake and pie and shaving and whom, out of spite, hates anything that anyone really likes, likes her. And that says a lot. She’s got a good thing going on.

So, with seven minutes left until my kids become her kids too, I will unfurl my grip. Here, in the middle of our modest little family room, with Peppa Pig and Callum as my witnesses, I will share.

Two minutes.

To my kids’ stepmom,

May your heart carry what buckles mine. May your eyes see what I have to squint for. May you love easily in ways that come harder for me. And may you know that if you don’t or if you can’t, I’ve got them.

What’s mine is yours, cradled within the sacred space of this particular developing country.

Love, Suzy

(Like a typical ex-wife stalker,  I scored these pictures from the ceremony):



From Deep to Steep

This is supposed to be a running blog. I blame my recent deep posts on the fact that my lower mileage has brought my womanly hormones back into the game. That and a current obsession with Pearl Jam has been the recipe for the latest emo casserole. All I feel like doing is dabbing patchouli on my temples, standing in front of the space heater and bawling my eyes out to “Daughter.”

The weather out here isn’t just frightful; it’s downright dangerous. The roads still haven’t been cleared and we’re due for more of the white stuff so Winter=10, Suzy=0. The majority of my runs have been on the treadmill, which, is fine. Because I feel like if I speak poorly about it, then it’s going to hear me, and then leave me naked and cold, in bed, hungry, and it’ll smash my french press into pieces on its way out, and carve “YOUR RUNNING CLOTHES SMELL LIKE CAT PEE AND SEMEN” into the driver’s side door of the Hotyssey.

So, I decided to incorporate some hills into my workout today just to give the legs a bit of a wake-up call. I warmed up for 10 minutes, increased the incline by 2% every 2 minutes until I got to 12% and then I went back down to 0%, cooled down, and then kicked it up to 7:03 min/miles for the last 3 miles.

Callum played on my phone for the first bit and then joined me in the garage with his firetruck and chalk. He then proceeded to empty out the garbage bags onto the garage floor behind me. That was fun.

Do you guys drink coffee out of a french press? I know Laura does.

Tell me about your feelings right now. Use all your feeling words. Let it all out to Yo Mama.

Pearl Jam: Yes or yes?

Did you guys watch SNL?





A Different Kind of Trip

Some people have partners that have to travel a lot for business. It can be especially tough when they’ve got kids because the parent that stays at home lives like a single parent, which, as you can imagine, might build a lot of resentment as the emotional and physical demands of parenting alone start piling up.

I’m fortunate to have Andrew at home most of the time. Well, he works a lot, and he’s out on the road most of the day and when he does come home, he is tied to his phone (the life of a realtor). We like it this way because we appreciate the trade-off of having flexibility in his schedule, but also that he is able to be with the kids a lot more than if he worked at his old job (he was an electrician for years).

Now there’s one thing that we do deal with: Mental illness. Because mental illness (or mental fragility, mental struggles, whatever term you’d like to use) takes a person on a business trip at the drop of a hat. There is no schedule, there are no plane tickets, just one person that unknowingly checks out of life and checks into somewhere else for a while. Sometimes that somewhere else lasts a nanosecond and sometimes it lasts a lot longer.

So, if you’re finding yourself left behind, here are a few things you can do to make sure you don’t build up resentment, lose your shit, or start day-drinking too much. These aren’t rules, I am not a doctor (but oh man would that would be hot), but they work for me:

Accept the fact that your partner is gone for a time.

They’re on a business trip, they’re not available emotionally, physically, spiritually. Don’t depend on them for what they’re usually capable of.

Do not, do not do not do NOT DO NOT take anything personally.

This is a war that they are fighting within themselves and this has nothing to do with you. You are not responsible for their actions but you are responsible for YOUR reactions. Don’t participate, don’t antagonize, don’t let your frustrations out on them, don’t use this time to convince them to come back, and don’t feel rejected when they can’t/don’t.

Have empathy.

It is very difficult to empathize with someone who is frustrating you, but it’s possible, and possible is all you need. Empathy will take perspective, and perspective comes with accepting #1 (your partner is unavailable) and #2 (this has nothing to do with you). If you’re struggling to find empathy, then think back to the last time you felt so alone and in so much pain. Remember that underneath it all is a hurting person, and that person is someone you deeply love.

Set boundaries and stay neutral.

Here’s an example. I’ll use Jake because I know he won’t mind me writing about him here. So, he and I talk a lot; we’re pretty close. A few months ago he started addressing me with “Yo.” I was like, no. But I didn’t go on and on about how it’s rude or how sad I am or start ripping apart his character or preaching at him; I just wrote back something like, “Oh Jake. Don’t address me with “yo” because it’s disrespectful. I won’t engage in a conversation that is lacking respect. I respect you, and I ask that you do the same.” It was over, just like that. Set a healthy and rational boundary, protect yourself, do it with kindness, neutral and calm, and stand firm. I now refer to myself as “Yo Mama.” It sounds pretty badass and it gives Jake a good laugh.

Now is not the time to help them.

When I say “help” I mean by giving them advice, lecturing them, begging them, and doing all the negotiating we like to do to get back a sense of control. You’ve heard me say it a zillion times and I’ll say it a zillion more: love asks us to let go. It is VERY uncomfortable, but I promise once you loosen your grip, a bigger gift of love will circle around and fly back to you and settle into the wounded parts. Have you ever heard how we’re not supposed to tell a drunk person that they’ve got a drinking problem? Same thing here. Wait until they come back, and then talk. There is bound to be things that they need to address, like maybe medication changes, or learning triggers, or dealing with difficult counseling sessions. They may need to make amends with you or others and forgive themselves, but now is not the time. TRUST ME.

Take care of yo Self.

Okay, so it took me a few years to actually accept the fact that this is our life. As long as Andrew and I are together, this is something that we will deal with and so I will deal with it because I love him so very much and I can’t imagine not being together forever; he’s my best friend. So when he goes on these “business trips,” I do my best to follow my own advice above, and then while I’m waiting, I write, I run, I take long baths with lavender oil, I read deliciously sexy books, I run some more, I type out texts that I want to send him but I don’t (I keep them in my notes section), I do push-ups, I play (hoop in the garage, sculpt playdough penises while Callum sculpts spiders and snakes, paint, cook cool stuff), I force myself to eat healthy food (I don’t eat when I’m stressed out so this is a tough one for me), I offer up prayers/dedications, I knit scarves (I used to, anyway), and? I cry. Hard. I get it out. I get it out because this is hard and it hurts and there is no sense in carrying around cries that belong in the abyss.

Also? Make sure you find people to talk to. This is a no-brainer, but I’d like to take it a little further and just say that it doesn’t have to be a counselor or a doctor (although those are bonuses). It doesn’t even have to be someone you see on a regular basis and in fact, after a bit of a steep learning curve, I realized that family and close friends aren’t the best option. Not because they’re not amazing (they are!!!) but because they’re too emotionally involved and it’s a stress on them too, so what happens is you’ll talk to them, they’ll get stressed out, and then you’ll end up carrying even more stress. I’ve got a few online friends, some that even have experience with bipolar disorder who have helped me immensely. Sometimes all I need is to know I’m not alone, so I’ll text a friend or two, tell them what’s going on, and all I need them to do is reply with an “I hear you.” That’s all I need.

Accept that mental illness is a part of your lives.

This one was a rough one for me to accept because I am so driven to do what most of us like to do: FIX IT. I’m a caregiver by nature so that “fix it” mentality transfers over to “fix everyone.” I’m nearly forty years old and I think it’s finally starting to sink in that I can’t fix anyone but me. If Andrew had cancer, I would drive him to chemo and make sure he still got regular haircuts. If he broke his leg, I would push him around in his wheelchair and put his socks and shoes on for him. If he gets diagnosed with bipolar disorder, then I learn about how to help him manage the rough spots.

I know I missed so much. Is there anything that you guys would want to add? Or want me to answer?

When is the last time you felt like things didn’t make sense? Like when bad things happen to good people? How do you deal with this?

You don’t have to answer any questions if you don’t want to. If you have a story to tell, feel free to tell it in the comment section!





Week in Review New Year

It was a much quieter week than the Christmas week. THANK GOODNESS. We still had family things on the Monday and Tuesday but the rest of the week was completely chill. Here’s how it went down, and we owe this post to my friend Meghan from Clean Eats Fast Feets for hosting yet again this week’s Week in Review. *applause* *boob flash*

I was able to start off the week with a solid 10 mile run with Lora, and we finished up just before it started to snow. After coming home and showering, and while I was getting ready and prepping for Andrew’s family to come over, my sister Tracey texted me saying that they’d be passing our house on the highway behind where we live. I couldn’t invite them in so I told her to honk and I’d wave the brightly-patterned patio cushion above the fence while they drove by.

I just lost all my readers.

Okay so whoever is still with me, we had a great time that night with Andrew’s family. Drank dranks, ate too much food, as usual. Excellent. Then the very next morning I started ripping down all the Christmas decorations and dismantling the tree. I guess I got distracted during the clean-up because all of a sudden smoke started coming off the leather kitchen chair I had left in front of the fireplace, the one I used to stand on to reach the lights up high. I nearly burned the house down, and it wouldn’t be the first time.

After Ethan saved our lives by yelling “THE CHAIR IS ON FIRE!” we got ready to go bowling with my extended family. I ended up with a DNS because I got caught on the phone with one of Jake’s doctors. Although when I did manage one shot, I got a strike. YASSS. Pure luck. I suck at bowling.

I got up at 5:45 to drive Jake to work on most days of the week so I’d just come home and run right after that. Wednesday was a quiet day but Thursday stayed pretty busy from the second I got up. After I dropped Jake off, I ran, and then got groceries, then brought Kylah to basketball, drove out to Langley to pick Katie up from her cousin’s, got back into Abbotsford in time to drop Katie and Freddy off at Jason’s (his wedding rehearsal was that night) and then after that it quieted down and I really just spent the rest of the day resting. I read my book, we got pizza for dinner, and Ethan’s cousin slept over and they went to bed at a decent hour.

I got my hair cut on Friday morning. I hadn’t had a professional hair cut since September 2015! She took a couple of inches off the length and then gave me some long side bangs, which I love.

The rest of the day was a bit of a struggle fest. I think the stress from the holidays finally started leaking out, probably because I had just published a post on how well we managed everything. Murphy’s Law, right? Sometimes we just have to ride out the waves and collect ourselves once we’ve been spit out onto the beach. I spent the day alone with Callum, which I made into something special. He and I are a good little team.

The kid hasn’t been outside in days because the weather has been so bad, but it was sunny that day so I bundled him up and let him dictate where he wanted to take us. First we went to the park, then Starbucks for a cake pop and some chocolate milk, then the pet store to visit the kittens, and then back home to play playdough, read books and snuggle. After I put him to bed at 7 I hopped on the treadmill and sweated out some stress (I’m so thankful for running!) and then I climbed into a hot lavender bath. SO RELAXING. Then I crawled into bed beside my little man and went to sleep.

The next day, Saturday, I woke up at 5:45 to drive Jake to work and then came home to run outside. It was so icy so I walked a lot but I was listening to an incredible podcast and didn’t mind at all the extra time it took me to get back home. I showered, got Callum ready, we ate breakfast (green smoothies and banana toast) and headed out again. This time it was snowing but we still went to the park, visited the kitties, picked up my MacBook (I got it serviced) and then headed to the dairy farm to visit the cows. Callum loves that place.

Callum fell asleep in the van so I parked outside Starbucks and used their free wifi to do some writing. It’s a pretty vulnerable post, but I’ll share it when the time is right. I think it will be a helpful one for me, and maybe someone out there as well.

Now I’m typing this in real time. It’s Saturday night, New Years Eve, at 8:55 pm. I’m alone, with Callum fast asleep in our bed upstairs. I have a decaf coffee and Bailey’s beside me and I had every intention of working on my book (I spent about an hour on it today, which felt great!) but I’m so tired that I may just pack it in early. The year 2016 already knows what I’m thankful for, and the year 2017 senses my hopeful optimism, so there’s no need for me to get all up in their grills at midnight. A gentle nudge tomorrow morning on the soft blanket of sparkling snow will do just fine.

Okay so I did end up going to bed at 9:30, snuggling beside Callum in bed with me, and then we both woke up at midnight for a second to the sound of fireworks, but once I pulled him into me, he settled down and we fell back asleep.

On New Years Day Sunday morning I got up early and headed out into the freshly fallen snow for a 5 mile run. It was so serene and just what I needed. Later on in the day, I layered Callum up with his snow stuff, picked up Katie from Jason’s and took the two of them to the park to romp around in the snow.

They had a lot of fun and Callum nearly fell asleep on the couch beside me in front of the fire, but I kept him awake so that he’d have an early bedtime.

What did you guys do to ring in the new year? 

Did you stay awake until midnight?

What changes are you hoping for this year? 

Have you ever stood in line to get into a favourite restaurant? 





Mileage Monday: The Next Chapter

Good morning, 2017! I have a few tricks up my sleeve for you this year, as I’m sure you have for me as well, no doubt. While I’m usually an idiot, I’d like to take a moment and write down something meaningful, as it wouldn’t be right to just dive into a new year without some sort of pause. So, to 2017, I say this:

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

And if She doesn’t? I’ll just run more. Right? Ha.

So I reached 3,512 miles for 2016. I don’t think I have every tallied up my year’s worth of miles, but man oh man am I curious to know how 2016 compared to say, 2011 when I was consistently logging 80-100 mile weeks while training for my ultra.

This past week I actually went over 50 miles. I think I hit 57? Something like that. I didn’t get to 60, so I still feel like I’m in the okay range.

Monday– I got up early with Callum and when Andrew came downstairs I took off to meet Lora for a windy and cold 10 miles outside. We got back in time before it started snowing AGAIN. GAH.

Tuesday– Super slow 8 miles on the treadmill while I listened to some podcasts and chill tunes.

Wednesday– I got up early to drive Jake to work and then headed outside for a slow 8 miles. Everything has melted for the most part but there were still a couple of icy patches. Then later on, Andrew and I went for a 3 mile run while I pushed Callum in the stroller. Andrew’s slowly getting back into this running thing, and he’s doing great.

Thursday– Just a super slow 6 miles on the treadmill after I dropped Jake off at work.

Friday– Well, it looks like I’ll be going over 50 miles this week. I ran a slow 5 miles this morning at 6am because I couldn’t sleep and then I jumped back on the treadmill this evening for 8 miles with the last 2 at 6:40 min/mile pace. I had to deal with some residual stress. I just got out of a hot bath and I feel worlds better.

Saturday– I got up at 5:45 to drive Jake to work and then ran a slow 5 miles outside. It was icy so I had to stop and walk a lot but I was listening to an incredible podcast so I didn’t mind at all. It’s a podcast about philosophy and religion, the existence (or not) of God, or our idea of God, etc etc. It hurt my brain but in a good way, like sore muscles after a hard workout.

Sunday– I really had to force myself to get out there this morning. I got up at 6 and bundled up to run 5 miles in the snow. Again, I had to take a lot of walk breaks but it was magical. Nobody else was out there. Just me. Even though we got a lot of snow last night, it was safer for me to run through than on the ice from yesterday morning. It was definitely tough to navigate through, but the extra effort made up for all my walk breaks. It was only zero degrees Celcius (that’s 30 F for you guys down south) but I bundled up like it was -30. Tee hee. I always tell my Saskatchewan friend Jen that it’s a “wet” cold here. She thinks I’m pathetic. She’s right. Jen’s always right.

How cold is it where you are right now?

When you run in the snow, do you stick to the sidewalks where the snow is deep and it’s tough to run through, or do you try to stay on the paved roads even though they could be slippery?

Have you ever fallen on the snow/ice?

Hot baths?

I like getting into a smoking hot bath, sitting in it until my skin turns red and then I get out. It’s a giant waste of hot water so it doesn’t happen often.